HBO Show Luck Cancelled!


Mounting pressure from animal activists, PETA and the American Humane Association has pushed HBO into cancelling the show Luck. It took the death of a third innocent horse, most recently on Tuesday, to push for the production of HBO to finally cancel Luck. All animal rights people are overwhelmed with joy for the horrendous treatment […]

So You Say Your A Vegetarian? Really BE A Vegetarian!


What’s all the vegetarian talk about lately? Do you know what you’re actually saying when you say: “I’m a vegetarian. I could NEVER eat meat.” Or “How could anyone eat meat? The poor cow.” as the person polishes off his or her DQ in a cone. “I just never felt like I could eat an […]

New ASPCA Program Takes Action to Prevent Animal Hoarding


It happens more often than you might think: ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Agents receive a call about a New York City resident who, like thousands of hoarders nationwide, is housing more animals than he can care for adequately. The Agents arrive at the scene to find that, while the situation doesn’t violate the law, […]

Doing The Right Thing For Whales


North Atlantic whales are struggling to survive and, thanks to action by The HSUS, their chances just got a bit better. (Photo) Fla. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission/NOAA North Atlantic right whale with calf. The stats are sobering. In some years, as few as a single calf is born to the population of less than 400 whales […]

Pamela Anderson Saves Baby Seals!


Many of you know my opinion on Canada’s annual practice of seal slaughter, having written an article for ASK about a year ago encouraging people to sign petitions, get involved with PETA ( and HSUS ( and help fight to end this barbaric practice. Many called government officials and limited purchases of Canadian products, putting […]