Give Love Today! Michigan Humane Society WXYZ Telethon All Day! Please Help An Animal In Need Today, Feb. 9th


Did you know that MHS cares for over 1000,000 animals each year. This would not be possible without donations from you. MHS receives no government funding – only your love and support saves our precious four-legged friends! Your tax-deductible gift will allow MHS to care for the community’s most at-risk animals — including pets who […]

Be a Hero for Animals


A dog named Honey found her hero this past summer. Honey was one of twenty dogs our Animal Rescue Team saved from dogfighting in Indiana this past July. She was weak and injured after spending most of her life either staked in a yard or fighting for her life in a bloody pit. She had […]

Lions, Tigers, And Bears…Oh My!


What do bears, lions and tigers have in common? They are all carnivores, right? Right! Yet in a personal and unusual case they are closely bonded pals, true brothers, actually. Eight years ago in a drug bust in Atlanta these three were found as two -month old cubs living in a drug house. For drug […]

Microchip Helps Humane Society Find Dog’s Owner – A Heart Warming Story!


It was a response the Humane Society of Portage County staff could hardly believe. “When we called her, there was silence on the end of the phone,” Executive Director Jennifer Blum said. “The owner said, ‘His name is Jack, and he’s been missing for three years.’” Jack is a golden Labrador the Humane Society picked up […]

Meet Gracie


Gracie, a breed of cow morbidly referred to as “Beefmaster,” arrived at SASHA Farm last week all the way from Alabama, where she was saved from a lifetime of producing babies destined for slaughter. A few weeks ago, Gracie gave birth to a calf and in the process, her uterus prolapsed. This means that her […]

Simon’s New Home


In a rural county just under a week ago a small stray dog was picked up by the police. The animal shelter in that county was closed (?) at the time this little fellow was found, cold and scared. Through the kindness of people anxiously wanting to help and word of mouth he ended up […]

One of The Must Reads of Fall is YOU HAD ME AT WOOF: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness


Presently, I am the proud owner of three dogs; Louie (Boston Terrier), Adam (English Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Franky (Pit Bo, a designer mutt), and two rescue cats, Daisy and Raina.  There have been more and there have been less.  I’m certain the status quo in my home will forever shift; depending on who I find […]

Advantages Of Pet Adoption


Is it time for your household to acquire a new pet? Animals can bring joy and fun to a home, and many animals are so precious to their owners that they are nearly considered a member of the family. Pets are constant companions, and make great friends as they always listen and never give advice! […]

Signs of an Animal Hoarder


Animal hoarders can be overwhelmed caregivers, rescuers or sociopaths. Go inside their minds and learn what to do if you suspect hoarding. Just how long Barbara Onderdonk had been hoarding Shetland sheepdogs is unknown. What is known is that she stored dogs like throwaway clothing in her garage in Buncombe County, N.C., and that ultimately, […]

Grand Rapids Cows Update


We’ve received word on the fate of two of the four missing cows, and I wish so much that the news was better. Saturday, we heard that one poor girl was shot and believed to have been butchered by a local farmer when she wandered onto his farm. Today, we were informed that a second cow was […]