Even Our MHS Cruelty Investigators Were Shocked – Meet Sweet Julie!


As accustomed as they are to the difficult sights they see every day, our investigators were still shocked at the condition Julie was in when she first came to MHS. She had been abandoned in Ecorse and kept confined for weeks without any food and with minimal water. When a kind passerby found this sweet […]

Sweet Victories For Animals! HSUS Heart Warming Animal Rescue Video Stories From 2011


Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Society of the Untied States have put together a beautiful retrospective video from 2011 – A year of heart warming animal rescue stories! .. You made a difference for animals. You were a hero for the dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, wildlife, and so many more who desperately needed help. That’s […]

ASPCA Raids AR Puppy Mill, Rescues 175 Small Dogs


A message from Animal Joy: Please, people, if you must get (buy) a specific breed from a breeder rather than do a rescue, just make sure you go to the breeder’s home and/or you see the mom of the pup. If you are told to meet them somewhere they are probably not a true and […]

Stop Animal Cruelty This Summer


Every day, hundreds of animals are abused. It breaks my heart to think of dogs, cats, and other pets dying of starvation, over-heating, and loneliness. The summer months are one of the cruelest times for cats, dogs and other animals here in Michigan. Dogs are chained up outside, left in the sweltering heat, with no […]

Let’s Band Together To Stop Dogfighting With Pit Bulls


Pit Bulls are probably the most misunderstood dog breed on the planet. They are called the “mean breed” and people are scared of them. But did you know they are also the most abused dog breed? The only reason that pit bulls have such a bad reputation and are known to attack other animals and […]

Pay Attention!


Today I was out pounding the pavement with a few clients, equipment in hand along with my adorable little Boston Terrier Louie, and his best friend Katie. Katie, who belongs to Bree, is never on a leash, because she is perfectly well-trained and never strays from her master’s side. At least not that I have […]