Does it Ever Pay to be Angry?


We rarely enjoy getting angry, it’s like drinking poison or being stuck in glue, it can arise out of nowhere and often out-stays its welcome. Anger can make enemies out of friends or family, and depression is often its bedfellow. Our physical body gets tight, breath shortens, while mind and emotions get twisted. Anger is […]

Eight Steps to Forgiveness


Forgiveness is a tricky topic. First, it has two distinct meanings: To give up resentment or anger To pardon an offense; to stop seeking punishment or recompense Here, I am going to focus on the first meaning, which is broad enough to include situations where you have not let someone off the hook morally or […]

Loving your Liver


The premise behind Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is that we have energy in our body called “Qi”. TCM believes that every organ has its own Qi Energy. The organ/qi that is associated with the spring is the Liver. Since spring is a good time for rejuvenation and change, it is a good time to […]

Coming to Peace with Anger


Throughout my life I have been able to come face to face with so many of my insecurities, self doubts, fears and emotions. However, I have recently come to realize that the one emotion I have not fully come to terms with is anger. In the past, I would become uncomfortable when supporting those who […]

Casey Anthony, And Where To Put Your Anger


A terrific character actor named Daniel Benzali once scored a role on NYPD Blue (it led to an OJ-inspired 90’s TV series) where he played a marquis defense attorney with a shady reputation. When dispatched to help a cop charged with murder, the client initially rejects him, stating that she wants no part of an […]

Forgiveness: Mindful Moments with Brenda Strausz


Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free and to realize that prisoner was you. —Lewis Smedes Forgiving someone who wronged you or your loved one is one of the hardest things a human being has to do. There is something that may seem righteous about holding onto to the feeling of being fuming mad. It […]