Homemade Skin Care From Your Kitchen Cabinets


As a beauty editor at women’s magazines and CNN, author Julie Gabriel had no hesitation endorsing the season’s hottest lipstick shade, or justifying the purchase of the latest anti-aging cream. But after years of following the trends, she began to hesitate as she faced the not-so-pretty side of the cosmetics industry. She left the mainstream […]

Help Me! Midlife Acne Solutions – Spiritual And Holistic Options


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The skin is extremely sensitive to our emotions due to its close connections to the nervous system. As an embryo, the skin develops from the neuroectoderm, which also forms into the brain and nerve tissue. In other words, your skin is your external nervous system. You may notice that your […]

Acne Attack


It’s annoying, embarrassing and seemingly inescapable. After years of puberty, years that you know and accept will be filled with awkwardness – frizzy hair, crooked teeth, uneven and blotchy skin mired with pimples – years that you assume will one day come to an end. And they do – for about a minute. Then it […]