Bikinis, Crop Tops and Core – Oh, My! Bonus: 3 Super Quick Ab/Core Workouts


There’s a new look strutting into town this summer – crop tops. Oh, yay! Like we don’t have enough to deal with;  two-piece-terror tankinis and up-your-butt bikinis.  Media monsters and fashionistas are hoping to pull you into their mad fashion fantasy, Barbie-world. It’s their job – not yours! Yes, core exercises help develop strong, sculpted, […]

You CAN Do This! 30 Minutes, 10 Simple Exercises, 1 Minute Each


Looking for a workout that’s loaded with challenging fat burning fun? Here it is! Simple, swift and doable for everyone. All you need is 30 minutes, a good attitude and an iron will. Shedding layers of excess fat and clothing (specifically, the proverbial sweatshirt wrapped around your waist, hiding your beautiful body) has never been […]

Above, Below, Behind And Beyond -The Six Pack


Is there more to life and your body than a six pack! Are you keeping up with your core training exercises? I certainly hope so! As I told my class this morning, “If you don’t use it regularly – it will get flabby” Profound, hugh? Not really, but, so very true! Strengthening your core doesn’t […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 10 – 20-Minute Core Focus


Yesterday we took you through a 15 minute morning sequence to awaken your body and senses in our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Today we are bringing you a 20 minute yoga practice with a focus on your core. A strong core is so important to your health and it brings you a strong back and […]

21 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 3 – 20-Minute Core Focus


We hope you are enjoying the start of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Here are some tips to make sure you keep your practice going: if you do yoga at home, set your yoga mat right beside your bed so you don’t forget. If you do yoga in a studio, schedule your classes like you […]

A Call To Your Core!


Six pack, twelve pack, washboard abs – they may look great but don’t always equal a healthy, strong and pain-free back. From now until New Years we will be blasting belly fat and building you a strong and healthy core. When talking about complete core strength, the traditional crunch alone is actually not the best choice […]