Help For Compulsive Shopping Therapy


You Ask I am worried that shopping this holiday season may cause me to have a relapse. I have been free of compulsive shopping and debt for over 1 year but I have had extra stress this year and wonder what you would recommend? We  Answer You bring up a common concern, relapse, that people […]

I Fear I Will Suffer My Eating Disorder Forever


The following comment is from a mom in her forties suffering from an eating disorder in response to the article “Nature or Nurture? Your Eating Disorder Could Be Killing Your Daughter” I asked Angela R. Wurtzel, Eating Disorder Specialist and consultant to to respond. You Ask: I am so glad this was published. […]

Men Perspire, Women Glow: Men Are More Efficient at Sweating, Study Finds! (Doesn’t it just figure?)


I don’t know about anybody else , but I can’t embrace yoga while practicing next to a guy who profusely sweats, sprays and drips all over me with every arm reach, leg extension and spinal twist. I know it’s not deliberate or even his fault…. It’s just disgusting! Rarely do I see a woman in […]

Home With Your Kids? Need A Workout?


I have three small kids and a full work schedule — how can I easily fit exercise into my daily routine? As a single mom, I find it easy to go to yoga or swim or even just take a power-walk or jog when the kids are with their dad. But they live with me […]

Beyond The Freshman 15: All I Do Is Think About Food


Your Question: What about the college age student who goes WAY beyond the freshman 15 to the point of being so dependent on food for soothing the anxiety that accompanies the pressure to succeed in so many areas ( papers, exams, internshhips, jobs, boyfriends,etc.) that all they do is think about food ? We asked […]

Confused About Yogurt Health Claims!


Help!   I’m confused about the many different kinds of yogurts in the stores these days. I also read conflicting reports about the benefits of yogurt - some say its great for weight loss while others suggest we shouldn’t have any dairy in our diets period. I’ve been told that yogurt is important for digestion and healthy bacteria in […]

Stop Eating Your Muscles For Fuel! What Should I Eat?


Hi Sally – The message from the article “Stop Eating Your Muscles For Fuel”  is to get off refined sugars. The more sugar you consume the more your brain expects it and looks for sugar as fuel. Basically anything white is going to have a high glycemic index and will be the first source of […]

Could He Be Having An Affair? What’s Going On?


You Ask Dear Ruthanne, I am not married to a governor or a sports figure.  Those are the types of men that seem to be having affairs.  Or the type getting caught having affairs.  My husband is a good man, a wonderful provider, a kind, hard-working man with high moral values, yet the other day […]

Is 30 Minutes Of Exercise A Day Enough? What Is A Working Mom To do?

Push ups

Hi Allison I ‘m 44 years old, mother of three, a wife, busy with my kids and their activities and I work 30 hours a week.  Finding time to workout is a challenge and often frustrating. With my crazy and demanding schedule I can only manage 3-4 days a week and working out for more […]

Enjoy a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy


I am 22 weeks pregnant and looking for some exercise that I can do.  Thanks,  Robin Dear Robin, There is no need to be fearful of exercise during pregnancy! With your doctor’s go ahead, maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel great. It can relieve nausea, body aches […]