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Should Your New Flame Sleep Over When The Children Are Around?


I’ve had many cases where issues involving overnight parenting time and visitation with an unmarried party are raised. Here are some of my thoughts. A man recently retained me in a divorce where his wife had left him for another man. His first attorney told him that there was no way that he could have […]

Why Am I Starving So Early After Breakfast?


Every morning I eat my breakfast of organic whole grain cereal, skim milk and blueberries.  I’m trying to be healthy, but when I get to work an hour later I’m already starving.  I feel like I have such a big appetite!  What can I do? First I want to say that what you are experiencing […]

How Do I Choose A Better Health App?


From helping you wake up rested to getting couch potatoes ready for a 5K, there really is an app for everything. But when it comes to health apps, many don’t get the job done. That’s true of apps for smartphones, iPads, computers and even TVs. “Many companies are in such a hurry to sell their […]

How Can Exercise Or Lifestyle Help Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar Disorder, Exercise, and a Healthy Lifestyle:  Living with bipolar disorder involves seeing your doctor and therapist and taking your bipolar medication. There’s also a lot you can do to take charge of your health. Here are some suggestions: Exercise. Studies show that regular exercise can help improve mood whether or not you have bipolar […]

A Healthy And Happy Future Awaits You!


You Ask: Dear Allison: I have struggled with my weight all of my life. In the past I have done better with power walking better than dieting or anything else. I kept off 80 pounds for about 5 years. That was age 25-30. I am now 41. I had been hovering around 240 lbs. for […]

No More Arm Flab For You – My Dear! Strengthen And Tone Your Triceps


Question: I’m not happy with the shape of my arms! They have become flabby and jiggly in the past few years — YUCK! Can I have my arm flab surgically removed? What else can I do to get these arms in shape before summer? Answer: I hear you loud and clear; along with hundreds of […]

Can I Really Have An Orgasm While Working Out?


Coregasm? The question from an anonymous reader goes something like this: (with a bit of editing) Recently, I heard a few women talking about how they are able to have an orgasm while working out. Where the #*$%#@ have I been. I am so jealous. Can I get one too? Can I have it, please? […]

DIABULIMIA! Eating Disorder Therapy


You Ask: I have heard about a new eating disorder, Diabulimia, what can you tell me about it? I ask because my sister has type 1 diabetes. We Answer: Diabulimia is a very dangerous, new way diabetic men and women have discovered to control their weight and it involves a potentially lethal method of adjusting their […]