The Eight Perimeters of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Part One)


As women, we are pressured to keep slim figures, a desire encouraged by society and the world around us. And yet, we watch our bodies change — most of which is beyond our control. Midlife hormonal changes force us to adopt new eating and exercise habits — or weather the consequences of sticking to old ways. […]

Am I Losing My Mind? Memory Troubles And What To Do About Them!


Just the other day a girlfriend said to me, ” How can you be so intelligent yet such an airhead?”  I wonder – does one have anything to do with the other? According to research and me there is no connection between intelligence and forgetfulness! Granted, I’m notorious for losing my keys, locking them in […]

More Good Years


Want to live longer – and healthier? These secrets from a sleepy Greek Island could show you the way. In 1970 Yiannis Karimalis got a death sentence. Doctors in Pennsylvania diagnosed the Greek immigrant with abdominal cancer and told him he’d be dead within a year. He was not yet 40 years old. Devastated, Karimalis […]

Kick-Off 10,000 Steps Together With and Support “The Haven Garden Project” Sunday May 16th 9:30am Market Square WB


10,000 Steps Together With Beginning Sun. May 16, ASK will start walking….Join Us! Do you have any idea how many steps you take on an average day? Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day for one year can result in a 7-pound FAT LOSS from your body – thereby cutting your risk […]

Feeling Fit For Spring


Great weather is finally around the corner, as is spring – the season for shorts, skirts and exposed skin. But nothing feels worse than when you’re hot, sticky, and flabby. After months of hiding in bulky layers and dodging the gym, it’s likely that your limbs are soft and stomach flabby. And with pasty, dry […]

Boot Camp-Style Workouts * The Biggest Burn For Your Body!


Boot Camp – Style or interval training workouts continue to be my favorite fitness challenge whether indoors, in your home, hotel room, a gym, fitness class or preferably outside on a weather permitting day. Boot Camp workouts are easy to follow, exciting, great fun and can be done alone, with a buddy or an organized […]

Why Drinking Too Much Water Is Dangerous


On January 12, 2007, a 28-year old Californian wife and mother of three children died from drinking too much water. Her body was found in her home shortly after she took part in a water-drinking contest that was sponsored by a local radio show. Entitled “Hold Your Wee For A Wii,” the contest promoters promised […]

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Modern Day Movers and Shakers.

iStock power woman

Since 1987, the month of March has been dedicated to women’s history, an occasion sanctioned and supported by the U.S Congress, House and Senate. To celebrate Women’s History Month, has decided to pay tribute to some modern-day women heros, those who innovate and inspire us. Here are just a few other many women who […]

Natural Treatments for Infertility


Over the last 20 years, we have become more aware of the many challenges couples face in getting pregnant. Individuals are marrying later in age and couples are waiting longer to have children. In addition, Environmental toxins and our own diet can have direct impact on our health and trying to conceive. From a western […]

The Magic of Reiki

Woman lying, gets massage, reiki,acupressure on her head

Reiki is rapidly becoming a recognized and credible healing modality. Reiki practitioners can be found in many health care settings including hospitals, cancer treatment centers, hospice and integrated medicine clinics. Reiki is a technique that is over 5000 years old and was re-discovered in Japan in the early 1900’s. The word Reiki means Universal Life […]