Love Your Body!


Half of girls age 3 to 6 complain about being fat. By the fourth grade, more than 80 percent of girls have tried a fad diet. Research shows that after watching TV and reading magazines, women feel less self-confident. But the NOW Foundation is fighting back. Our groundbreaking Love Your Body campaign to stop the […]

Book Review On “Gaining” By Aimee Liu – Interesting Read About Life After Eating Disorders


Many people talk about eating disorders, finding treatment and recovery, but most don’t speak about what happens next: life after recovery. Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders by Aimee Liu is one of the first books about eating disorders written by a survivor that connects more than 40 personal stories from men and […]

Change or Transformation?


From the outside looking in, change my seem easy. However, change implies a forced state of being, with often short term results. Change often works from the outside in–perhaps a dietary regimen as a means to heal your food issues. A food plan works on the physical being, with no attempt to uncover the emotion […]

Why I Devoted My Life to Working With Eating and Weight Issues


“To be nobody but yourself–in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else–means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”~E.E. Cummings “While learning body hatred from many different sources, we absorb and adapt to the rules of what is acceptable. […]

“Love Your Body, Rock The World.”


Former Miss America Kirsten Haglund Helps Women Get Treatment for Eating Disorders “Love Your Body, Rock The World.” Those words grace the screen at Kirsten Haglund’s website, the entry point for many seeking help in treating their eating disorders under the guidance of the former Miss Michigan and 2008 Miss America. They are a mantra […]

What, If Not Weight Watching?


Many of us who are middle-aged have been watching our weight since our Twiggy and Tab teenage years. On and off, diet after diet, we watched our weight go up and down and back up to a number that was much higher than when we first decided to diet. So even as we agonize over […]

Taking A Healthy Behavior To An Unhealthy Extreme! Exercise Bulimia: How Much is Too Much?


After years of micromanaging calories, an ELLE editor reconsiders her eating and exercise habits What do you mean I can’t run the stairs anymore?” I asked, confused. The girl with the clipboard shrugged: “I guess the neighbors complained and…” Before she could finish, I set out to find someone superior–someone with a headset or a […]

The Shopping and Food Connection: An Examination of Hunger Diseases


“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” ~ George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara Have you ever found yourself in a shopping mall, searching, with a slightly pounding heart, for something? Something to wear tonight, tomorrow, or for that next important meeting. Or, is it something yet to […]

Resources For Eating Disorder Treatment And Recovery


The following are Inpatient, Residential Care, Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Programs or Outpatient Therapists/Therapy Clinics along with Support Groups and Online Resources. Bloomfield DBT- We are a full service Dialectical Behavioral Therapy psychotherapy practice offering individual therapy, skills groups, coaching, and therapist case consultation. Our goal is to empower individuals and their families to lead healthier, happier […]

Nature or Nurture? Why Your Eating Disorder Could Be Destroying Your Daughter.


Eating disorders are not only harmful to the person suffering. Did you ever consider the harm one person’s eating disorder could bring on another? Especially when it’s a young girl, watching her own mother. Our daughters model everything we do. They may tune out our words, but they watch our every move and mimic as many as […]