Pooping and Your Mood


The brand Life is Simple® got it wrong. They should reconsider their slogan. Eat, Sleep, Play Soccer? More like, Eat, Sleep, Poop. We openly talk a lot about eating well and sleeping well. Why not pooping well? Just as if a lack of food or sleep can cause you to be cranky, same goes for […]

A New Year Challenge: Take Our Word: Bellicose


A New Year Challenge: Learn a new word and use it in a sentence every day for a week. Have you ever been at a loss for words? Do you find yourself  searching for the appropriate word to express yourself? Perhaps you’re just bored with the same old words and just want to jazz up […]

Equipment Free Excerise: The Push-Up

Equipment Free Excerise: The Push-Up

Many women don’t do pushups because they think it isn’t feminine or sexy. I happen to believe that women doing pushups, can be very sexy! Perhaps, GRUNTING while performing a pushup isn’t sexy, it’s also not necessary! Personally, I don’t care for grunting. The primordial grunt tells me that you are not breathing correctly. Grunting […]

The Haven Garden Project Comes To life! We Invite You For A Fantastic Evening Of Wine Tasting And Community Building Friday May 14th


Dear Friends of Askinyourface.com We need your help! There is a garden growing in Pontiac! On a half-acre patch of earth, where a lawn once grew, The Haven Garden Committee has initiated a diversified vegetable garden and edible forest garden to provide fresh produce to the HAVEN Community and their neighbors. Without this plentiful garden the […]

Exciting And New This Week on Askinyourface.com


Hello Everyone! Askinyourface.com is back this week with a brand new look, exciting articles and easy navigation!  We are still in transition and working out the kinks with more great things to come. We appreciate your patience! In the meantime be sure check  out what’s new on ASK!  Proper Nutrition for Optimal Performance, 30 Minute […]

“Rick Halberg’s Home Cooking…to your door!”


Happy Monday! Check out the newer and even better tacos…now available with beef, chicken or shrimp…and with an ear of Mexico city street corn! You should also be aware of the new lower sandwich prices…I was able to find a great roll for a lot less $$$. Please notice the change in our name…We (I) […]

Proper Nutrition for Optimal Performance


Do you drive your car with your fuel gauge frequently on empty? How about running your performance sports vehicle with low-octane gasoline? Have you ever driven on a long trip, with gas stations few-and-far-between, worrying profusely whether you would reach the next one before you run out of gas? Proper nutrition for our bodies before, […]

Closet Detox


I did a Closet Detox today for a new client. She is breaking into the acting world and wants to figure out her style/portray the right version of herself to producers. (I will let you know once the soap opera she is on, airs!)  While this type of service is a personal thing, (I mean, […]

Plastic Bags OR Paper Bags? Which Is More Earth Friendly?


How effective have plastic bag bans and restrictions been on reducing plastic litter and other problems associated with their proliferation? And is it really better to use paper bags, which will just lead to more deforestation? Plastic bags, first introduced in the 1950s as a convenient way to store food, have since developed into a […]



After a brief return to winter-like weather, Michigan appears to be back on track for spring! Daffodils and crocuses are blooming, trees are just beginning to leaf out, and a vast array of spring produce is gracing the aisles of local markets. Artichokes, dense little packages of fiber, antioxidants, and other powerful nutrients, are at […]