Bikinis, Crop Tops and Core – Oh, My! Bonus: 3 Super Quick Ab/Core Workouts

44041-oh-my-god-despicable-me-gif-fj5tThere’s a new look strutting into town this summer – crop tops. Oh, yay! Like we don’t have enough to deal with;  two-piece-terror tankinis and up-your-butt bikinis.  Media monsters and fashionistas are hoping to pull you into their mad fashion fantasy, Barbie-world. It’s their job – not yours!

Yes, core exercises help develop strong, sculpted, and swimsuit-ad-ready-abs. We all know this. Some of us want the look. Some of us could freakin’ care less. I really hope that you don’t care too much. I’ve always said that a certain amount of vanity is healthy and necessary, but taken to far… you are headed for nothing but heart-ache and trouble.

Superficialities aside, all of us should care about cultivating deep core strength. Because it’s not only about appearances. Core strength is key to a happy, stable, and secure body and mind.  The core is your energetic equal to the third chakra (Manipura).  Manipura chakra is located at the navel point/solar plexus area, and is your center for personal power and self-esteem.

Developing deep core strength allows you to live, breathe, and move more freely and confidently.

Core work is balancing to your third chakra and will help you stand tall and move through life with grace and confidence.

There’s nothing wrong with admiring the media assault ads or air-brushed magazine photos…just keep it in perspective.  Core work is about so much more than physical body enhancement. But, I’m not saying a little enhancement is a bad thing.

Just always stay true to your soul!  And, stay with Al & Sam this month for your daily dose of health and fitness information.  Yep, 30 more days of awesome inspiration coming your way!

3 Super Quick Super Ab/Core Workouts

Sat Nam

Always love,


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