Oh, My Memory! Do I Have POCD?

It’s been ten days since my shoulder surgery. The nurse was right on when she told me that when the nerve block wore off, the pain would be intense. No, kidding! It was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I’m allergic to all narcotic medications. So, I suffered, enduring every screaming and hollering nerve ending for a solid week. My only friends were 24/7 icepacks, Advil and Tylenol . But, the good news is that I’m feeling so much better now. Even though physical therapy will be grueling and long, I will make a full recovery and be stronger than ever.

But what about my memory? I understand it takes a few days or longer for the brain to return to normal due to the effects of general anesthesia. It’s been ten days and my memory sucks. I was half joking with my daughter yesterday about my memory troubles since the surgery. She validated my concerns, while admitting her own about the obvious, somewhat disturbing state of my memory. We agreed to set our worries aside for awhile, hopeful that my brain would reset in due time. Well, who the heck has time for time, when it involves your memory. I’m far to dependent on my brain for the “wait and watch approach”. But, I was willing to give it a few days.

Who was I kidding? Obviously, I’m not setting aside anything here – I don’t do that! Not when it comes to my brain health. As I said, I’m far to dependent on my brain to let this go. Since deciding yesterday afternoon to set aside my fears about losing my memory, I have called three doctor friends, my brilliant son (I’m a jewish mother), sent a text to the anesthesiologist, joined Luminosity.com and have been scouring the internet for credible information regarding POCD. Yep, this is my problem; Post-Operative Cognitive Decline!

This is the scary thing about any surgery; there are risks. I can live with ugly bunions, crooked fingers and sagging facial skin, but not memory loss. I will do something about this. So far, here’s what I’ve found…

It’s a rather long-winded article, but totally worth reading!  Read the full article here.

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