Does Social Media Give Us ADD?

Social-Media-OverloadI am becoming increasingly aware of my ridiculously short attention span. I am also aware that technology is probably the cause. In my last post, I discussed ditching social media for being more social and saving our relationships. But what about saving our sanity?

I’ve been noticing more how I skim most articles. How I get bored of doing things in mere minutes. Call it ADD, call it laziness… I’m not sure what it is. Is this just my issue or the issue of many? I’m guessing I’m not alone. So is technology really to blame?

Think about it. Vine lets you see videos for about 6 seconds. Twitter only allows 140 characters. Websites keep their videos and articles short so people don’t click away. Pinterest is an ever-refreshing website of only pictures. Were on our phones constantly checking these outlets, always refreshing and barely paying attention to what were even looking at.

So is this truly a problem? People can argue multi-tasking allows you to get more things done quickly, but how present are you in those moments? You aren’t present in a conversation with your friend if you are checking Facebook and texting too. You more likely to make mistakes at work if you are working on multiple projects at once as well as on social media.

Next time you’re doing something, take the time to be present and really focus. This year try to limit your social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever other outlets you check only need your attention once a day or when you truly have downtime to spend doing whatever relaxes you. Technology really can be the blame for our ADD, but it is up to us to take our focus and energy back to what truly matters… our health, our relationships and our happiness.

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  1. Great post Lauren! Social media has certainly created a profound disconnect between people. Are we people or robots? Go see the movie “Her” very telling and disturbing commentary about todays SM culture! xo

  2. Lauren: I have been on an all out campaign with my students concerning social media; not only does it interfere with attention span, but it creates a myriad of other problems: ‘techno stress’ or screen addicition was listed as the motivating factor for the shooting that occurred at the Naval base in DC. It can disrupt melantonin levels, etc. I am now having a hard time blogging and reviewing because I am not on FB or Twitter and have no intention of joining.

    • Wow, that’s pretty crazy. Good for you for teaching your students we don’t always need to be plugged in. Thanks for your comments, as always. :)

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