Looking Ahead With Lauren: Apps to Help Keep Healthy Habits

using-an-appI’ve talked a lot recently about social media/technology and its faults. But having an iPhone glued to your hand doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. For instance, your smartphone can help you keep your resolutions you set on January 1st. Here are a few Apps I’ve found that help you keep your healthy habits or remind you to be strong when quitting bad ones. And they’re all free because I am not one to pay for an App!


Everest is a free App I found that helps you stick to your goals. First you pick your goal, for example, mine was to exercise daily. You check in with the App every day that you complete your goal for that day. If you start slacking, you get reminders or advice if you’re stuck unmotivated. You can also connect with friends to give you even more motivation. I thought this was a well done App and had a clean design. However, it didn’t really motivate me too much but I think I may have picked too much of a lofty goal to start out with.

Plant Nanny

This one is all about your water consumption if drinking more water is your goal. This App is free and adorable. You first get a plant to take care of. When you drink a glass of water, you water your plant. You can set reminder as often as you want to be reminded to drink water and water your plant. The plants are really cute and I’ve found it does motivate me to drink more water throughout the day.

Mind Jogger

This one lets you set up to 64 habits or reminders for yourself. You can choose to be reminded multiple times or at a certain time, much like an alarm. It then gives you a graph of how well you’re doing. This one is similar to Everest but I like how customizable it is.

What Apps do you use to maintain your healthy goals and habits? Share with us!

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