“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~Albert Einstein

Everyday we have a new opportunity to be the clearing for who we want to be and what we want to create with others and for ourselves. January is such a great time of year to commit to a genuine fresh beginning in all aspects of life. In order to have a brand spanking new perspective and create anew we need to give up how we usually operate, which is commonly based on the past.

If you are in a similar space in your life today as you were this time last year, you are more than likely living into your almost certain predictable future. There is nothing wrong with living into your predictable future, which is derived from the past, but it is important to be aware that that is where you are operating and generating from. In fact, most of us are living into a future that is derived from the past and we are very predictable in our reactions and responses to most situations and people. Although you may be better today than last year and have substantial accomplishments, consider that being better is just more of the same old you.

In contrast, living into your created future is new, innovative and is vital to live into the greatest vision you have for yourself and how you want your relationships and work environment to be. This requires us to be willing to completely shift the way we approach and view situations and people. If you want something different and if you are committed to doing your life’s work and living a life bigger than you, at some point you need to make shifts in the context in which you view the world, others and how you operate.

To actually begin living into our created future we must step into that future now. That is how we bring what we want to us. For example, if I want to have a new kind of relationship with my husband I must be willing to come from a new space or context of listening and communicating now, not the usual automatic listening. If I want to open my fourth studio this summer it requires me to do the work today necessary to make that happen in the future. Likewise, if someone wants to lose 10 pounds he must do what it takes today to create a future of a 10lbs lighter being.

If I keep approaching my life and conversations the same way I will get the same responses and results. I have a great life so more of what I have is nice, yet it is just more of what I already have. If I want to expand my business and myself, I need to be willing to do what the future needs today to make it a reality. That means I need to try new ways and shift how I view everything. To live into a created future we also need to be aware of the context/perspective from which we approach the people and situations in our life. Most of us do not approach people and situations from anew, but from our past experiences, judgments, criticisms. Therefore, truly giving up the past is necessary to create anew in all aspects of our life!

A new year, a new you and an opportunity to create your life anew! If you are committed to making 2014 the best year ever join our facebook campaign and join me for A NEW Twist to The Secret Key to Making 2014 the Best Year Ever this Saturday January 11th at 2:30pm in Naples and next Saturday January 18th at 2:30 in Miami.

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