Breaking Bad: 4 Ways to Snap Out of Negative Thinking

1. Go outside. A little sunshine and vitamin D will go a long way. Getting out in nature draws us into the present moment no matter how hard we resist. It separates us from our stress and hits the “reset” button on our brains. Leave your iPod at home and just let yourself be with your thoughts or with whoever you go with. Even 20 minutes can have profound effects on your mood, so go!

2. Listen to something soothing. Are you a frazzled wreck in the car on the drive home? Whether it’s from work or negativity stemming from somewhere else, when idle, our minds can easily tailspin into anxiety or negativity about “what-ifs” and other stories. Instead of turning on your typical driving music (sorry, Rihanna!), change your tune to something you would hear in yoga or meditation. Sounds silly, but our minds have a type of “muscle memory” too – it knows when it’s time to wind down and when to crank it up. Feed your mind something good and light!

3. Take a shower. You know how you feel after a week-long case of the flu that had you couch-ridden? Isn’t a hot shower a thousand times better after that?! Same idea here. It has a similar effect when you’re trying to reset your thoughts. While you’re in there, dot the bottom of the shower with a few drops of lavender essential oil and imagine all that negativity washing away.

4. Dance like an absolute fool. In your house, of course! I’m serious, it never fails. I remember a time in particular I was especially overwhelmed and decided to turn on LMFAO’s Party Rock (yes!) and danced like a lunatic until I literally broke a sweat. And I’m not even talking “cool” or smooth dancing; actually, you can’t even call this dancing. I mean this was absurd, obscene, pelvic thrusting, drop-it-low, to-the-window to-the-wall, in da club type of moves. Imagine, I wasn’t even alone! Someone else was doing this with me, and we looked so ridiculous it was impossible to keep a straight face. The rest of the night was spent doubled over in a heap of uncontrollable laughter. So, the lesson here is to be ridiculous! Snap yourself out of whatever funk you’re in by reminding yourself that life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Courtesy of My Yoga Online.

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