Coming Back to Self and Opening to Grace

Do you ever think that life is totally bizarre? Are you ever curious as to why things happen and why you are faced with certain life experiences? I sure am! Life happens and we cause some situations while other situations we have no control over. I am truly beginning to understand that every situation in life is an opportunity to come back to self.

Situations – and especially relationships with others – are an opportunity to come back to self and to learn about who we are. The closer or more committed a relationship is, the greater the opportunity is to learn who we are. If we practice using our life and relationship situations as a reflection of how we are being, versus focusing on what is wrong, we can consider how to contribute and move the situation or relationship forward and get through it.

Many times we pile all of life’s situations onto each other and make it one big fat blob. But it is important to distinguish the experiences and relationships from each other and be aware of where we are coming from. Be in self-inquiry around what place you are in. Is it fear, insecurity, or jealousy? Or are you coming from a deeper, more profound place?

Each of us is a conduit for others. When we get stuck in a situation or emotion and are not able to move through it is when we need another’s gentle hand. I love the saying by Caroline Myss: “God’s grace is instantaneous, but it is us who slow it down”. Sometimes we are so stuck in a situation and emotions that we may not be able to feel the grace that exists. We are blinded by the experience that we are going through. That’s when we need the hand of another to uplift us out of the dark and back into the soft breeze of God’s grace.

For me, the moments I want throw in the towel, raise a white flag, and say I am done are the moments that another is there to reach out a hand. That is what committed relationships are for and why community is so important. It is to be for each other, to offer a hand of grace – not just for encouragement and support while on the mat, but to be a mirror for all humanity.

With love and gratitude,

Kiersten Mooney

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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  1. Kiersten: lovely as always!
    Allison, Lauren, Leo, Brenda, Lisa, Kiersten and anyone I might have overlooked; Please stay safe in this dangerous cold..
    Much love to all!

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