Looking Ahead With Lauren: Resolve to Be More Social and Less Social Media

Social-Media-Addiction-ShotsMy generation is a strange one. We basically lived through the beginning of the boom of the Internet and social media. I didn’t have an AIM account until middle school (remember those days anyone?). I didn’t have a Facebook until I was a senior in high school. In fact, I always resisted jumping on the bandwagon of these new Internet addictions. Yet eventually, I caved. Now it has become our society. Most of us would probably say we use social media every day. Some of us would even say we’re addicted. I certainly check Facebook much too often, on my laptop and on my phone. I wake up and check all of my accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and blog readers. Once I’m done, I often go back and check some again to see if any updated. My life has become social media and the Internet. Sometimes I blame being a writer, working with social media and marketing, but I spend much too much time on social media for my personal life.

Is this really necessary? Do I really need to see the tenth person this month get engaged on Facebook? Does anyone else have the compulsive feeling that they don’t want to miss anything? This leads to the new crisis… FOMO. Ever heard of it? It means “fear of missing out”. We fear that if we skip that party, don’t check our Facebook daily or hourly, that we will miss something important. That we will be the last to know.

But, is that so bad? Should we resolve to learn things and experience things socially, not on social media? Wouldn’t you much rather catch up with a friend on her life in person than read about it online? Do you really need to know about your friend’s friend that you met once’s engagement? Or will it just make you feel bad you’re still single? There are tons of articles and research out there on how social media actually makes you sadder. People generally only post when something good happens to them, which can lead to jealousy and unhappiness based on one post that doesn’t even tell the whole story.

This year I resolve to figure out a way to spend less time on social media, less time wasting time online and being more about being social than being on social media. How about you? Do you feel you’re addicted to social media? Tell me your story…

Happy New Year! xo Lauren

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  1. Amen Lauren, so well said! Happy New Year to you – xo

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