5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy PLUS Keeping Yourself UP During The Holidays!

Do you desire to keep yourself UP during the holidays and everyday after the New Year?

Enjoy, read and share this article with your loved ones; after you read 5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy” from our  Natural Nutrition Advisor. Linda Wolschlager is on top of the world when it comes to making the smartest, healthy choices.

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1) Find an Exercise Buddy

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a solo act. I guarantee someone in your life shares your desire to shape up for beach weather. Its time to enact the buddy system. Recruit one or multiple friends with a simple pitch like:

“I want to start exercising more regularly, would you be interested in joining me sometime?”

CAUTION: An exercise buddy can be a fantastic motivator for getting you out and holding you accountable to your health goals – BUT – it can also degrade into a validator of laziness and complacency. The goal is to push each other, not to give you an excuse to flake. If you find your partner is bailing on workouts or making you feel righteous about skipping a session it may be time to find a new partner.

2) Office-Chair Workouts

This is my all-time favorite shape-up secret. Office-chair workouts are a series of self-resistance exercises that allow you to burn fat and build toned muscles while sitting at your work desk or in your cubicle. It blew my mind when I first discovered that I could have a meaningful workout while all my co-workers just thought I was typing away.

Here is a sample exercise: While in a natural seated position, hook the lowest part of your left leg behind your right heel. Push forward on your left leg while resisting with your right leg. Push as hard as you can for a full 60-90 seconds and then switch legs. A simple google search for: “office chair exercises” will supply you with enough ideas to ease the guilt of your unused gym membership.

3) Take The Long Road (and/or Stairs)

Do you take a subway to work? Get off one stop early and walk a little more. If you drive to work, try parking further away. If you’re a city dweller like me, walking to work is a realistic (albeit slow) way to get to work – try it. If you’re close to your job, but not close enough to walk, why not try hopping on a bicycle and pedaling your way to the 9 to 5? Once there, let the schlubs crowd the elevators while you take the stairs.

Taking the long road to work, school, or even to and from your own home is a fantastic way of sneak in valuable cardio without making much of a dent in your busy schedule. And speaking of schedules…

4) Add “Health Time” to your Schedule

Not everything about getting into good shape is dependent on exercise. Some things simply require some me-myself-and-I time. I propose setting aside 10-20 minutes per night to take care of whatever little conditions you may have that need taking care of. I know I’ve had my fair share: Stretch marks after my first kid. Yellow teeth from an unbreakable coffee habit. I even had a bright yellow big toe for about 3 years before I finally figured out why and took care of it (turned out to be toenail fungus, which is easily treatable with topical cream). The point is that if you don’t give yourself time to address your ailments, however minor, they will go untreated. And thats no way to look and feel your best for summer.

5) Move

Last, but most certainly not least is: movement. You need to move. Jog around your house 3 times every other night, buy a bicycle if you don’t have one, walk to lunch. Do things that get you breathing a bit heavier than normal. If you can sneak more running, walking, biking, swimming, jumping, or dancing into your life you will look better and live longer.

Now get out there and start shaping up for the best season of your life!

The author Sandy Getzky is an associate editor at ProveMyMeds, a public health and education startup focused on producing helpful resources concerning the treatment of common ailments.

Courtesy of Natural Nutrition Advisor.

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  1. Caryn Gross says:

    Hi Allison, thanks for always posting such inspirational and great tips and advice! When you have a minute give me a call or email me. I have a recent back injury and am trying to be patient and let my body heal which is hard for me to do, because used to being active. Take care, Caryn

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