Go Coconut! 12 Ways To Eat Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil Is A MUST!)

coconut-oilOrganic Coconut Oil is a must for a multitude of reasons. I don’t go a single day without using or eating this natural powerhouse. Read: Coconut Oil Continues To Be THE Healthy Choice, written by our Natural Nutrition Advisor, Linda Wolschlager. Enjoy your day! 

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Coconut oil is a versatile foodstuff and can be added to anything you fancy. It can be fried, roasted, baked or spread. It is less calorific than other oils and butters, and when used as a substitute for these you’ll experience a healthier and tastier diet.

Why Use Coconut Oil?

First, it’s relatively inexpensive – one jar can keep you going for weeks. Second – purity (always look for organic, virgin, raw coconut oil.) Thirdly, organic, virgin, RAW coconut oil is 100% natural and it can keep for up to two years.

12 Ways to Consume Coconut Oil:-

Eat Neat

Add to Coffee

Spread on Toast

Add to a Smoothie

Fry Eggs

Bake Cakes

Stir Into Soups

Mix in Yogurt

Make Sweets

Pop Your Popcorn

Roast vegetables

Season Your Cast Iron Pans

Why is it Good to Have Coconut Oil in Your Diet?

One of the most important facts is that the oil contains Lauric Acid (which is also found in a mother’s milk). Lauric Acid is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Store Cupboard Favourite

Coconut oil doesn’t go rancid and will last for at least two years.

Endless Potential

Coconut oil uses are endless – for the skin, for the hair and nails. This versatile oil has been used in everything from acne treatments to pain relievers and from sunscreen to reducing hairballs in cats.

Are All Coconut Oils Equal?

No. The best coconut oils are organic, virgin cold pressed and raw. It’s also best to buy coconut oil that is contained in glass jars, which avoids the possibility of chemicals leeching into the oil.

Other signs of quality include vegetarian, vegan and kosher certification from recognised trade bodies.

So for around the price of a good bottle of wine you can have a versatile and healthy oil as a food staple in your store cupboard, always on call.

Just an FYI, my favorite coconut oil is from Lucy Bee…they have the best stuff!

Courtesy of The Yoga Blog.

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