The Gift of a Gift

In contemporary society, we sometimes feel pressured to give a material gift for a certain occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. While the discussions on that particular topic could tangent out far and wide, at the moment, the focus will remain with the intention of giving a gift and the giver. Giving a gift, truly giving a gift, means having no expectation from the receiver to reciprocate in any way.

According to some radical theorists, the receiver shouldn’t say “thank you” as it demeans the quality of the intellectual and emotional offering that is present (read bell hooks, if you’re interested in that theory). However, since we’re all about balance in this wonderful yogic journey, let’s shift the focus back to the Sattvic, the middle path, the gentle way in which one can understand the true meaning of giving something and expecting absolutely nothing in return and the joy that experience can bring to the giver.

THAT is the “thank you,” the reciprocation, and the reason why we give and serve others. During this time of hyper-materialism, when it seems as though every television station is writing an Ode to Accumulation, perhaps it’s time to give another gift, something intangible yet immeasurably more valuable….the gift of your true, authentic self, the gift of your time and your love, the gift of your unabashed gratitude of having the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, old and new. Accumulate memories, not things. Acquire experiences, not possessions. Peel away the layers and let others be lit from within after witnessing your shine!

This holiday season, we offer you the gifts of love (and hugs!), community, service, action, and compassion. We humbly hope you will accept these gifts. Happy holidays to you and everyone you’ve ever known!

With love, Erica

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Bonita Springs Florida, be sure to stop in and experience the wondrous joy and simplicity of Elements Yoga; it’s a magical little yoga space. When I’m away and missing Karma Yoga, I’m in my Element and sometimes at the Pilates studio down the road!

Wishing you a joy and love loaded holiday.

Always love, Allison

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