The Power and Possibility of Choice

The practice of Yoga teaches us to be connected first and foremost to our own body and breath. From that basic connection we become aware of our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and bodily sensations. As we intimately (into-me-see) connect to ourselves, we come home to our true essence and source. As this connection strengthens so does our connection to our environment, to our relationships as they truthfully exist and ultimately to each and every other human being on the planet.

The practice and teachings bring us back to the truth of who we are. We can’t think horribly and critically about ourselves, then expect to be bold and powerful in our life. Furthermore, if we are at war or have disdain for anyone in our lives, then there is war and hate on the planet.

We are defining ourselves and sending a message to others and the world about who we are every moment. The brilliant realization is that we have access to the power and possibility of choice every minute and in every situation. We choose how we think about others and ourselves as well as what we say and do.

One of my favorite authors Neale Donald Walsch says, “Who we are is what we think, what we think – we create, what we create – we become, what we become – we express, what we express – we experience, what we experience – we are, and what we are is what we think.” It is the cycle of creation and in every moment we are in creation of who we are. Our thoughts and actions have impact and become a testament to who we are being. What we continually tell ourselves in our heads, about others and ourselves, we create. We have the power to create our environment, who we are and who other people are to us.

Today I invite you to create the greatest vision of yourself and of the people in your life. This vision is created by everything you think, say and do. Acknowledge yourself for something concrete you’ve done, say something you’re grateful for and then acknowledge someone you love for who they have been for you. Why not make today the best day of your life and make a difference in someone else’s day? The 3 most powerful tools we have to create connection with others are through our thoughts, words and actions. It only requires you to think about what you want to do or say and then express it!

The power and possibility of your choice every moment transforms your life. It can impact the life of another and our community. Who will you choose to be today? Who will you be for another?

Go out and create the difference in lives today!

- Kiersten Mooney, Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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