Light Your Fire: An Affirmation of Personal Power

This mornings yoga class at Karma Yoga was hot and passionate; the “fun factor” was high and the music was right on cue! “Change” by Natalie Merchant was a particular favorite today – we placed it twice.

Following a sequence of fiery core strengthening exercises all beings were able and ready to move from a place of steady power and grace. Through a blazing and very sweaty flow, meant to light up Manipura chakra (3rd chakra); everyone powered-up and purified their souls.  Hallelujah, they were amazing!

The 3rd chakra is located between the navel and solar plexus; when healthy and balanced, it brings us non-dominating power, passion, courage, autonomy, initiative and ability to take action. Several students asked me to post the inspiring affirmation/meditation I read at the beginning and end of our practice. It pretty much sums up what we were up to this morning and where we are headed.

“I now release all conflict and images of weakness. I take full responsibility for energizing my body and keeping it sound. I dissolve all cords between myself and others. I release competition,  power battles, habits and judgements that drain my energy. I affirm that my human will is supplied and guided by my Divine will. I open the inner door between Body and Soul, that the light may flow through. ( Take a deep breath!) I am the conscious energy in this body, an offspring of the Eternal Light within me. I walk the narrow edge with grace and balance, free of excesses. Thank you, Creator, for my life, my power, and the will to choose. Breathe fresh energy into the solar pelxus, filling it with sparkling yellow light!” Relax.

Take a comfortable seat; close your eyes and begin to rest on your breath. Ask yourself, where would I like to have more courage and power in my life? 

It is time to proudly show up for yourself, and step into your power! Let the light within you, guide you on.

Read A Strong Core Starts Here for some of my favorite core strengthening exercises!

Always love,


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