4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

1. You don’t eat breakfast. Listen, this isn’t something you’re hearing for the very first time. I mean really, how many trainers, doctors or magazines have told you over and over (and over) again to make this your biggest and most important meal of the day. Maybe it’s time to start listening…

Reasons to start your day with a healthy breakfast:

Gives you fuel and energy to start your day off the right way.

Prevents you from over eating at lunch and in the afternoon.

Great for helping you stay focused and on task.
WEIGHT LOSS. People who eat breakfast are more successful with losing and keeping weight off.

2. You don’t drink enough water. “But I just had two cups!” is usually the response I get when I tell someone to drink more water. Look, It’s great that you just drank some, really it is, but having two cups at 2 pm doesn’t change the fact that you’ve had barely any up until now! Water is KEY when it comes to our health, energy and weight loss. So if you’re not losing weight and feeling a little low of energy these days, maybe it’s because you’ve had two cups of water the entire day. Just saying…

Reasons to start drinking two liters a day:

Drinking water helps you POOP.

Water helps heal your muscles and joints after a tough workout.

If you’re feeling hungry, it’s most likely because you’re thirsty. Drink water before you stuff your face.

Think “beautiful skin.” Do I need to say more?

The more water you drink, the better chance you have at NOT getting sick this winter.

Relieves fatigue.

3. You don’t take enough steps in the day. Alright, let me explain this one to you in the simplest way possible. The more you move, the more you lose. Really, it’s that simple. Not to mention all the amazing benefits that come along with moving your body during the day. You should be taking 10,000 steps every single day, which equals about five miles. Not sure how to do that? Park your car further, take the stairs, start a walking group in your office, use the bathroom on a different floor, go for a 5 minute walk every hour, clean your house, walk your dog, stand up every 30 mins and walk in circles for all I care. Just MOVE your feet. Reasons to start taking 10,000 steps a day:

WEIGHT LOSS. Walking every single day plays a huge role when it comes to our weight. The more you walk, the smaller you’re going to be.

Stress. Research shows that even just a 10 minute walk has the ability to help with anxiety and depression.

Standing up and taking steps during the day helps with feelings of fatigue and concentration.

Walking gives you energy! See! I just walked and I’m so energetic now!

Walking is a great way to tone your muscles without doing too much.

4. You eat a really big dinner past 8 pm every night. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to go out to dinner on the weekends or grab a late dinner during the week, but if you’re not sure why you haven’t lost weight even after changing most of your habits, this is probably the reason why. This right here, eating a huge dinner late at night is one of the biggest reasons people can’t seem to lose weight. You have to remember that food is fuel and eating a big dinner just to sit on the couch and go to bed means that all that “food” just sits in your stomach. Yes, we digest food when we sleep, but going to sleep with less to digest is way better for you and your waist line.

Reasons you should stop eating huge dinners past 8 pm:

WEIGHT LOSS. The less you eat at night, the better. You’ll sleep better and feel lighter. The more hungry you’ll be for a big healthy breakfast.

Weight loss. But seriously…Break the weight (hopefully…)

Ricki  Breaktheweight.com 

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