5 Quick Fit -Tips to Fabulous

“Keep up and you will be kept up!”

Not everyone has time to hit the gym 4 days a week, ride their bike to work or enjoy a personal trainer at home. Power to the fortunate few, keep it up!

The rest of you are not alone!

According to recent statistics, the vast majority of working folks drive to work 5-6 days a week with little time or energy to spare at the end of the day for exercise.  Don’t be discouraged. All you need is a “will to workout” for a minute or two 3-4 days a week (a total of 10 minutes) and you will be in rock’in good shape! A few minutes of exercise will get your heart pumping which helps reduce stress at work and at home!

Try these simple exercises at home or on your coffee-break at work for one minute

1. The park-bench/desk push-ups – Place your hands wider than your shoulders on the edge of your desk or park bench and slowly push yourself up and down. Next, blast your triceps. Stand with your back facing a park bench or steady desk chair, place your palms on the edge of the seat and squat. Bend your elbows to dip yourself down and up until you can’t!  

2. Step It Ups – Using the park bench or office bench step up and down. Be sure to step up equally on both sides! Squeeze your belly for a stronger core!

3. Latte-Lifts –  Waiting on your latte? Hold on to the counter and slowly lift and lower your heels for a quick calf and butt workout. Who doesn’t love shapely legs?

4. Sink/Desk Squats – Hold on lightly to a counter and squat for an amazing butt and thigh workout- go as low as you can!

Absolute must-do’s:

5. Take the darn stairs and wear a pedometer or fitbit. 10,000 steps equals 5 miles – it’s a no brainer! Check out stair fitness right here.

Finally, always flash a big smile when envious onlookers give you weird looks.

Check out this killer office workout too!

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