Kundalini Yoga and Your Spiritual Toolbelt

Each and every one of us could use a tool belt to offer us a little support in our lives to help hold us up and sustain the lives we are meant to live. I call this support the spiritual tool belt that you can implement into your daily life to assist you in moving from a state of surviving into thriving. I count myself fortunate for having been led to the path of Kundalini Yoga nearly four years ago because at the very moment that my energy merged with the transformative energy of this yogic technology my life changed. I no longer needed to survive each day rather I began to accumulate the tools and resources I required to help me during every situation that life has presented me both the good times and those we would classify as not so good.

Wherever you currently are on your yogic journey, the resources and techniques that Yogi Bhajan has shared through the Kundalini Yoga tradition will offer you a plethora of spiritual tools to fill your belt and help guide your way on. Although, the tradition itself offers you a multitude of kriyas, meditation, mantras and breathing techniques right at your finger tips, as a student and teacher of life it is up to you to commit to finding the tools that will help you along your unique and individual journey.

On any spiritual path, you require a certain amount of grit, a sort of spiritual backbone that helps you navigate through the ups and downs knowing you have the grace of God by your side. This grit, along with your intuition and trust in the process of life, will help you to stay steady and learn the very tools that you require to help you achieve your birthright. As Yogi Bhajan says, “It is your birthright to be Happy, Healthy and Holy.”

In order to discover your needs as a human soul and reclaim your birthright, it is essential to commit yourself to your higher purpose by participating daily in a sadhana to help you understand who you are on the inside and what specific spiritual tools will help guide you on your journey and life path. One great way to explore the starter tools you can add to your spiritual tool belt are by learning Tantric Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will learn the areas within yourself that require attention and some potential kriyas/meditations to support the process.

Although, my personal tool belt is constantly being upgraded and renewed, I will share with you the tools that are currently nestled into my spiritual belt. I do not practice all of these tools daily, however, I do use them as resources in my life, along with several additional 40 day meditations that change based on what is happening in my life.

My spiritual tool belt includes:

Kirtan Kriya – A great cleanser to begin awakening your path to truth and understanding

Mirabai Ceiba’s Kirtan Kriya

Sat Kriya – Aligns, tones and cleanses all your systems to perceive life with clarity

Ego Eradictor- Energizes and strengthens your lungs and energy field giving you the strength to live from your soul

Building your Nervous System Kriya- Strengthens and helps maintain your nervous system to support you through the many challenges of life —>(Check it out in the manual Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy)

Morning Call (Ek Ong Kaur Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru)- Grounds you and clears the energy channels to experience the truth in every moment of your life

Try Sat Kartar’s Morning Call

Miracle Mantra (Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru)- Opens your heart and helps you perceive life as an unlimited source of miracles ebbing and flowing within your life.

Try this version of the Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das, complete with a lecture on this mantra.

Healing Mantra (Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung)- Taps into the healing potential found within you to heal yourself personally and extend the blessings for universal healing

A beautiful version of Ra Ma Da Sa is on Ashana’s “The Infinite Heart”

I urge you to KEEP UP KEEP UP KEEP UP. The more you learn and discover who you are on the inside and your true needs, your belt will continue to be filled wonderful resources to help you throughout your life.

Start today by breathing deeply into you and asking your very soul what tools it requires to assist you NOW. Also, check out one of my favorite manuals that can help get you started: Praana Praana Pranayama.

All you have to do is START. Just remember the Aquarian sutra: “When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.”

Courtesy of Spirit Voyage.

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