Looking Ahead With Lauren: Rock That Confidence

kitty-confidenceHow do you feel about yourself today? Eh? Do you consider yourself confident or struggling to get there?

Confidence is tricky. Not enough and you can get stuck in a rut in all aspects of your life. Too much and you’re considered a cocky jerk. Yet, we all need confidence to score that job, find the love of our life and simply live your life happily. How can you expect people to see your full potential or love you when you don’t love yourself and don’t believe in yourself?

We all have our moments. I certainly have mine. Growing up, I was super skinny and gangly. I had frizzy hair and glasses and no fashion sense. Slowly but surely, I started to change my look and gained confidence with each passing year. I still have my moments when I don’t feel pretty or don’t feel like I deserve that promotion. We all will at some point, but in those moments you have to switch gears. Remember that you are enough. If you work hard, you deserve the promotion or the job of your dreams. If you love yourself and find yourself beautiful, the right person will find you beautiful and love you right back.

Remember that even the most seemingly confident person has flaws and self-esteem issues. We all feel small from time to time, whether it is from a rejection or just a bad day. Take every day step by step and learn to love the person you see in the mirror. I promise that when you do, others will love you just as much.

Here are some great quotes to get you started on your self-confidence journey

“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.” – Unknown

“Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”  - Norman Vincent Peale

“I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. Things that I thought weren’t attractive became sexy. Confidence makes you sexy.” – Queen Latifah

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