The Time to Shut Down

In our lives immersed in technology, we rarely shut everything off.

We turn on when we wake up, and are on our devices until we go to sleep. And every hour in between.

I’m not immune to this. Very few people these days are.

And yet, there’s value in shutting everything down, so that we can reconnect with life. With people. With the moment. With ourselves.

There’s a time to work hard, and there should be a time to shut down. Otherwise, it all blends together and nothing has any space.

What time will you shut down today?

By Leo Babauta Zen Habits

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  1. Thanks for the quick reminder that we need to disconnect from our devices from time to time. I have a nice Sunday outing with a dear friend of mine today. Your post inspired me to leave my phone at home while I’m out.

  2. I am learning this lesson, too, and it is really important that we unplug and just ‘be.’

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