Fall Fashion: Clothes Are Not The Enemy!

“The truth is, every woman thinks she sees a bulge, even when there isn’t necessarily one there.” – Nancy Ganz, shapewear designer.

Ladies, (if you haven’t already), put down your new novel and pick-up the fall edition of your favorite fashion dictator: Style, Vogue, W, Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour or Elle. And you WILL need that pick-up; each fashion bible weighs in at approximately 4 1/2 – 5 pounds, offering a minimum of 800 pages; promising your next best look. What’s in, whats’s out, pinterest picks, what’s trending, hottest looks, best copy-cats, what to wear if your dead, alive, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, even 100, where to buy, how to look glam, gorg, fab, and what to wear if you really don’t care.

Schlep that monstrous mass of media around for awhile and you may actually grow bigger biceps!

The following article is more about accepting, liking and enjoying yourself in clothes than it is about wearing the latest trends. Accepting your body, yourself, as you truly are is key to confidently wearing absolutely anything! Learn to love yourself and you will love the clothes you choose to wear.

Always love, Allison

Clothes, instead of being the enemy, can help you feel better about yourself. I’m not speaking of the enjoyment some find in buying clothes, I’m talking about using apparel to help you like the way you look. It doesn’t matter if you are currently at the weight you want or if you are trying to alter your size; your clothes can do the work for you. (Yes, what you wear can make you look smaller or bigger than you actually are.)

It’s tough to completely accept ourselves. Sure embracing your stubbornness or obsessive need to clean is sometimes easier than looking in the mirror and figuring out what you are working with, body wise … but you must. It’s the first step towards wearing clothes that compliment you. This doesn’t mean picking yourself apart; it’s simply a matter of science. Are your shoulders in line with your hips, smaller or broader? In regards to proportions, are you long or short waisted? From your rise to your feet, is there less than four head lengths or more? All of this can be determined by a tape measurer and will not change with weight loss or gain.

What about scale? If you have substantial ankles for example, then your lower leg will look heavy in a delicate pointy heel. Just the opposite, a dainty ankle will look overpowered and out of balance with a sturdy, large strapped shoe. This is also true when selecting jewelry and handbags; size contrasts can create problems. After finding out what you are working with, the next step is to figure out what you want to achieve. There are all kinds of tricks to get the look you want and the great news is, you can use ‘smoke and mirrors’ to visually give the impression of a shape other than your own.

This is not to say you should strive to be something you’re not. What it does mean, for example, is if you don’t have a waist, there are ways to create the appearance of one. Conversely, if you are all set in the curves department and want to look more straight, we can do that too. You have the power to visually look different with each outfit. (Only if you want to, of course.)

Don’t forget about color. You could be wearing a fantastically cut dress, but if the color is not ‘you’ then that great piece, isn’t so great. A quick indicator of your color temperature: do you wear more gold or silver? If your answer is silver, you are drawn to Cool colors. More gold in your daily ensemble? That is a Warm metal and you will most likely feel best in colors with warm undertones.

Acceptance is in knowing. Think about it. It is so much easier to deal with something once you understand it. There is a lot of fear in not knowing. Establish what your body’s features are; learn what works and continue to select that length, that pant style and those colors that look best on you.

Happy shopping!

If you’re interested read this article. It’s very very good!  http://jezebel.com/5361818/model-crystal-renn-on-self+acceptance-size–the-fashion-industry

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