6 Ways to Let Go and Achieve Happiness

woman-happinessWe are all on a quest for happiness, but often times we have no direction on how to get there. But instead of trying to obtain something you don’t have, have you ever tried letting go? Here are 6 tips, on letting go, that will assist you on your quest for happiness. I personally have used these through my life, and I can honestly say Life is much simpler, I feel more fulfilled in my everyday, and I find that I can’t stop smiling, even when things get tough.

1. Let Go of Past Failures: We have all fallen blame to staying stuck in the past. Whether an ex broke your heart, or you turned down the opportunity of a lifetime, you mentally beat yourself up for the mistakes in your past instead of learning to see the silver lining and recognizing that failure is not necessarily bad. My mother always told me, “everything happens for a reason”, meaning that your past provided you with the experiences that made you who you are today. So learn from those mistakes and heartbreak, and move forward towards the happiness you deserve.

2. Let Go of Making Excuses: When people get scared, they tend to fall back on excuses. This is simply due to the fact that their fear is bigger than their desire to achieve. If you look back at a time, during your life, that you made excuses ask yourself what were you afraid of? Once you look fear in the eye, you can often overcome the excuses, because they will no longer exist.

3. Let Go of Choosing to Do Nothing: How many times has fear paralyzed you? A situation may have presented itself causing you turmoil, but you chose to do nothing. This is often called “deer in the headlights” syndrome. If you are in a job that you hate, a relationship that damages you spirit, or you have a dream that you haven’t actively pursued, you may be dealing with the effects of fear. For many people choosing to do nothing is common, but on our path to happiness choosing to take even a small step can help you move forward in a healthier direction.

4. Letting Go of Thinking There is Something Wrong With You: How many time have you heard that “everyone on Earth is unique”? And how many time have you actually thought about it? It’s true, not one person is the same as another, and by celebrating that uniqueness, instead of focusing on your flaws, you can do wonders for your spirit. We have all been in the numb state, believing that there is something inherently wrong with us. There is a feeling of guilt, as if we did something wrong by being ourself. But why should being your true self cause guilt? To tell you the truth, we are all born from love; there should be not feeling of guilt. By tapping into that love and light, you will feel more connected and joyful.

5. Letting Go of Thinking Your Addiction is Bad: Our society puts a lot of pressure on people with addictions, but to be honest we all have some type of addiction in one way or another. Addictions can come in all shapes and sizes, and some may be seen as healthier than others. Many times people turn to their addictions, or vices, when they feel guilty. By reframing those addictions, you can provide yourself with a greater sense of inner peace. Know that addictions are not a defining characteristic in a person. Addiction will come and go, but looking at them as “bad” will only amplify the situation and prevent healing.

6. Letting Go of Thinking It Matters: We think it matters when we gain weight, when our ex is dating someone new, or our coworker gets a promotion before we do. Whatever is troubling you at this moment, recognize that this too shall pass. We tend to wrap our hopes into expectations, thinking we will get a happy ending. Focusing on the small things leaves us depressed, exhausted and numb. Instead of worrying about what you can’t control, ask yourself if it will really matter in a week, a month, five years from now? If a situation bothers you, a good rule of thumb is to repeat the mantra, “Accept what you can’t change, and change what you can’t accept.”

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