For the Breathing Ones: A Poem


I honor you,

my friend!

we are both lovers

of the divine

sacred air

we bow, clap for one another,

thanks to quick wins and fast love

thank you friendly smiles, slow lanes

growing pains, sweet breezes

we share the same air

and eat off the lands

we are breathing one earth

in and out

back to beginning again

back to the divine primal breath

back to the pads, synapses, tree tops, roots


blood flowing oxygen, breathe deep!

blow back to the birth canal

slipping through third eyes

peaks thru serpents climbing up spines

invisible cords

and angels sitting on shoulders

light whispers of green pastures, twinkling stars, smiles

foreshadows of good things to come,

love is coming

even in the now

love is coming to us all

Courtesy of My Yoga Online.

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