As Our Garden Grows…Please Help Support The Haven Garden Project

“A garden is an idea, a space, an action. For some residents, the buzz of honey bees is a restful liturgy, for others, a busying activity for their talented, energetic children. Our garden is a culmination of the efforts and support of many people, and many hands. Please join us in helping the garden bear fruit—every little bit counts.”

Dear Friends,

Imagine a restorative, peaceful space of beauty and bounty where adults and children who have experienced domestic violence can find solace, connect with nature, and discover the strength to move forward. Imagine that these same individuals have access to fresh, organically-grown fruits and vegetables to prepare culturally-appropriate, healthy meals. Well, you don’t have to imagine these scenarios – they are real, happening right now at our HAVEN Residential Shelter.

Since 2010 the HAVEN Garden Project has supported our residential clients with a half-acre garden, which has provided over 6,000 pounds of organically-grown produce to the Residential Shelter

kitchen… and we’re still harvesting! However, the garden is only possible with support from individuals like you, and we are asking for your help to finish the 2013 season.

Your tax-deductible contribution of $20, $50, $100, even $500 will allow HAVEN and its garden partners – the Michigan Young Farmer Coalition and – to continue its success. More importantly, your support will directly impact the health and well-being of the victims of domestic and sexual violence HAVEN helps every day. More than organically-grown produce and a respite for our residential clients, the garden is a space of engagement and learning, a place where residents and volunteers alike discover the beauty of working with nature and an awareness of the importance of holistic healing.

So where will your dollars go? Every single one will be directly applied to the garden – from purchasing compost (a healthy garden starts with healthy soil), to canning jars (yes, we “put up” hundreds of pounds of food for winter) to organic heirloom seeds, to kid-sized hand tools for the Summer Youth Program. We’ve gotten this far by the kindness and compassion of our donors, and we’re confident that you will find value in this work and will be compelled to continue to support it.

Please consider making a financial gift today. It is only with the help of friends and community partners that we are able to continue our 38-year legacy of care. To contribute to our garden, please send your check to Haven: P.O. Box 431045 Pontiac, MI 48343 and indicate “Garden” in the memo line of your check. If you would prefer to make a contribution using our website, please click here to donate.

 Make a tax-deductible financial contribution to support HAVEN work in your community. Contact the HAVEN Development Department at (248) 334-1284, ext. 341, or click here to learn about other ways to make a donation to HAVEN. – See more at:

Thank you Alexis!  Alexis Bogdanova-Hanna/Garden  Manager

On behalf of all who depend on The Haven Garden for fresh nutritious food – A Huge Thank You!


Read more about the Haven Garden Project here!

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