Looking Ahead With Lauren: Independence Is Awesome Yet Scary

independent-fishSome of you may have read that I was moving in my previous article. I’ve been living in an apartment with a room-mate for a little over a month now. Let me tell you: independence is awesome, but it brings on a whole new set of challenges. ┬áThese challenges include new bills, more responsibility and that uneasy feeling when my room-mate is gone for the night and I’m home alone during the night.

There are always worries when change appears. What if I can’t afford it? What if my room-mate and I don’t get along? What if someone breaks in while I’m home alone?

But that’s life. There are always fears. I think the positive sides will always outweigh my fears. The independent feeling of paying my own bills, buying my own food and not having to tell anyone where I’m going. Being able to have friends over at any time. Even the simple things like talking on the phone with a friend at 3 am because at my parent’s house I was afraid I’d wake them up or they would hear a private conversation so I texted instead.

Sure, there are days I miss my parents. I miss them always being there or having dinner together. But I know that our relationship is better. Our dinners are now more special. We don’t get annoyed with each other as easily because we don’t see each other every day. I don’t take them for granted as much. There are days when I don’t feel like cleaning or when that DTE bill is too high because we have to run the air in this heat. I think it is all worth it though. It is worth it for the independence, learning to be on my own and do things for myself, the friendships and parties. I am definitely cherishing this time.

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck, Lauren; it was years and years and YEARS before I became independent. Lived with parents until I got married; we lived with my MIL for two years and had two kids right in a row, then my mother came to live with us, etc, etc, etc…!

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