Have a Transformation to Your Relationship to Work!

yoga-pose“It seems the harder I work, the more luck I have.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Our body operates like a machine, utilizing laws of physics and a systematic lever system to make movements. We are made up of structural bones, muscles that move bone, ligaments that connect bone to bone, and tendons that connect muscle to bone. Our joints are the articulation of where bones come together and act as the axis of the lever and in turn muscles exert effort to lift a load; i.e., limbs and body weight. Through mechanical power or “work” our body is able to move in the many directions and planes that each individual yoga pose requires as well as the transitions between poses.

Our body needs energy to stay alive and move and all energy is derived from the sun. The sun produces the food we consume, which in turn gives us fuel for energy. This fuel serves in organ function and muscle movement. When we eat, our bodies break down calories through a complex cycle. From consumption to breakdown to utilization, all require work from the body to operate.

For many people work has a dull, hard and even dreaded connotation. It’s viewed it as something we “have to do,” and not always what we want to do. The reality is, work is necessary to survive physically and financially. If we want to grow and evolve we must elevate our capacity to do the work required for expansion of self and strengthening of our living organism. If you’ve taken a yoga class you have first-hand experience of the work required of your body. Similarly, if you take on expansion of your emotional and spiritual self, it also requires work.

Growing up with a family of engineers and builders there was always work to be done – from hard physical labor to basic chores and tasks that we were required to learn and do. I was taught to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. No hierarchy, no job too big, or too small. Sometimes as a child I thought it was a form of punishment or torture, yet today I am so grateful for the example and experience I gained in knowing how to get things done and to not shy away from a difficult task. I developed a passion and love for work and the results that those efforts produce. If I am not challenging myself intellectually, emotionally or physically, I am not growing, expanding nor contributing to the world.

There is no glory, peace, happiness, or strong relationships without the willingness to do the work it takes. The grass that we water grows, so if we want results in our life, in any area, we must do the work to achieve it. Be the cause in the creation of your accomplishments.

Never underestimate the power of the practice of yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. Be willing to challenge your fixed beliefs and limiting points of views about yourself and others. These are all tools to “do the work” for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Do your best to get done what needs to be done. This not only propels you personally to move beyond, it also elevates your workplace and the people around you.

Work provides the clearing for new all expansive creation and for us to be powerful in our lives and with others. Why not be in inquiry and curious about your relationship with “work”? Take it on, and by all means have FUN and be playful while you work!

- Kiersten Mooney

“Your work is to discover your work and then,

with all your heart, give yourself to it.”


Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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