Your Wisdom Lies Within

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.” ~Carl Jung

To grow and transform into our greatest selves requires us to be curious about what we don’t know about others, our situations in life, and ourselves.

As Baron Baptiste says, consider that your greatest opportunity for growth occurs in the areas where you are closed, in the areas that you don’t know. The truth is many things exist that we don’t know, can’t see, or perhaps don’t even believe in. If you have forgotten about all the mysteries around you, simply look up at the stars in the middle of the night.

Have you ever wondered about our great universe? Who or what created all of this, everything that surrounds us, and life itself? It’s a curious question regardless of what you believe. Yet, you trust the sun will come out everyday and the moon and stars will appear at night. What about your body? You have a heart that beats and a body that breathes. Do you tell your heart to beat or your lungs to fill with air? No. You trust it will beat and that when you are asleep, you will continue to breathe. When you look at the great mysteries of the planet are you in awe or in panic that it will all collapse in on you?

We were not given a handbook on how the universe operates or what is beyond what we don’t know out there. Nor how our life will turn out and what decisions we should make. However, we were given the incredible opportunity to navigate and explore all the mysteries of life. Once you accept that you’re in the likeness of all creation, you accept that you are part of the great mystery, the dark will not be as scary yet reveal a new found understanding and trust of the mysteries within yourself and the unknown happenings in the outside world. Then we become willing to courageously take the concrete steps into the depths of the darkest place in our own being or in the face of the clear blue skies of what we can see, to live into our most powerful existence.

Everyday I am faced with dark challenges in my work and relationships. There are places in my life where my choices and direction are unclear. To get to the light of understanding I have to be willing to stay in my uncertainties and navigate through the darkness. The dark can be uncomfortable because we can’t see. The unknown comes with fears and insecurities. In those moments it is tempting to run back to what I am comfortable with. That’s why so many of us stick with what we’re good at or stay in the mind set of what we know because it creates comfort for us. We cling to this comfort even though it comes with the cost of not living into our next level of our greatest self.

When in the darkness of uncertainty, consider that it is an opportunity to trust and to use your intuition and innate wisdom that resides in your body. Consider that you were created from the likeness of all other creation and have the ancient wisdom of that which is the creator in you. Our yoga practice is such a powerful tool to tap into this wisdom. It lands us in our body and gives us the opportunity to listen to it. When we listen, the limitations our minds set no longer exist and our body is our true guide. It tells us when we are hungry, tired, thirsty, have pain or pleasure. Sometimes we need to stop listening to our mind and feel the honest truth in our bones, muscles, gut and heart.

It’s usually something deeper in us that propels us on our mat. Sometimes we don’t even know why it works or why we feel so good, we just do it and feel the results in our body and see it open up into our life.

To continually open up to our greatest self requires us to challenge our beliefs about our capabilities and ourselves, and to courageously try on new things everyday. New points of view help us lean into our own darkness. The more aware you become of the vastness of the universe and the depths of your own being, the more you connect with all the depths of the yin and yang, hard and soft, contraction and expansion, work and rest, light and dark, sad and happy, anger and love, angst and peace. No matter how dark the night, I always come back to knowing that the light of dawn is always on the other side.

With love,

Kiersten Mooney

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