12 Tips To Have An Amazing Barbecue

Serious grillers are always looking for ways to take it to the next level. Here are 12 tips to help make an average barbecue amazing. Learn more grilling tips and join the Grillerhood.

1. Choose your cut of meat wisely

There’s a big difference in the quality of cuts of meat. The meat industry gives everything a fancy name, so stick with the “Prime” and “Choice” cuts, otherwise you’ll spend more time chewing than enjoying.


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2. Flip your steaks only once and give them five minutes to rest after taking them off the grill

This will prevent the juices from escaping and retain flavor.


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3. Barbecue your chicken on a beer can

This popular hack is a delicious way to grill a juicy bird without overcooking.

Beer Can Chicken

1. Preheat gas grill to medium heat (325°F to 350°F). Remove giblets from chicken cavity. Rinse chicken inside and out; pat dry. Rub chicken with oil. Rub cavity with 1 tablespoon of Grill Mates® Montreal Chicken Seasoning. Sprinkle remaining Chicken Seasoning evenly over surface of chicken.

2. Remove about 2 ounces beer and poke 2 holes in top of can. Hold chicken upright (legs pointing down) and insert opened beer can into cavity. Stand chicken in upright position in center of grill. Position legs to best support chicken (similar to a tripod). Close lid.

3. Grill 55 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Remove chicken from can before serving.


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4. If you don’t have a pizza stone, you can put the dough right on the grates

For a festive and flavorful option, try the Baja Shrimp Grilled Pizza.


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5. Add flavor to your fish by grilling on a cedar plank

This ancient grilling technique lets the fish absorb a delicious smoky flavor. You’ll need to buy cedar planks at the hardware store and soak them in water overnight prior to grilling.

Brush your salmon with a mix of butter, lemon juice and Grill Mates® Lemon Pepper with Herbs Seasoning in small bowl until well blended. Grill 20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with fork.


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6. Or place a Himalayan salt block on the grill

100% pure salt blocks intensify the flavor of grilled foods and let you cook delicate items like white fish and eggs.


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7. Use a BBQ wok to keep your veggies under control

Veggies taste better grilled, but sticking them on skewers is a pain.


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8. Find a grill that works with your space…

Don’t let a small apartment block you from the joys of grilling.


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9. …no matter how remote that may be

Sometimes you have to make due with whatever life throws at you.


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10. Leave the sugary sauces until the very end

Sugar burns easily. Pouring or brushing the sauce on during the last few minutes of grillng will keep the sauce’s flavor intact and prevent your food from catching fire and charring. You want thick sauces (like BBQ) to caramelize on your food, not burn.


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11. Use these little racks for perfectly toasted buns

Just like burnt meat, burnt buns are no fun.


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12. And always keep a spray bottle handy to knock down flare-ups


Charred spots will hurt the flavor. Fight back!

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