How to Discover Your Soul Purpose

how-to-discover-your-soul-purposeIf you were created into perfection and knew no other reality, how would you know it was perfection? How would you know perfection if you did not know imperfection, good if you didn’t know bad, peace without chaos and stress, or love without fear and loneliness?

Why does this matter?

Because in these dichotomies lie the true meaning of life, the purpose of living on earth in physical form. We are here to experience the full range of human emotions, to feel everything through our physical senses. In this way, we can truly know love, love that we were created into, which holds existence together.

Love exists in many forms: acceptance, openness, compassion, caring, joy, bliss, generosity, sharing, fun, happiness, forgiveness, and peace, to name a few. How would you feel if I said to you all of these are inherent gifts that you possess at the core of your being; that you are nothing other than pure love, and that the realities that we play out here are in fact an illusion we manifest to truly know these attributes of love?

We have chosen the path, or experiences, for this life that we wish to live out and that is what determines which aspect of love we desire to know more of, by knowing its opposite. The purpose of life in physical form is not to dwell in pain and fear, but to use them as a catalyst to find our path back to our inner Self – our core of pure love. Understanding this point is the key to spiritual evolution. In other words, our chosen life purpose is designed specifically for the evolution of our soul.

What does that mean in practical terms?

If you have begun to question your life, asking why it is so hard or what your purpose is, then you are at a crossroads. You can choose to continue on the same path, accepting fear, pain, stress and hardship as a normal part of life. Or, you can choose to start on a new path by choosing love. This path is simple, but not necessarily easy. It requires a shift from seeking fulfillment outside yourself to looking inward. It requires you to change your perspective, to analyze your beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and to understand your past. Doing so may result in greater pain before you experience relief, but that pain is temporary and the rewards are unlimited!

You may have heard that love resonates at a higher vibrational energy, fear at a lower vibrational energy. They are misaligned and therefore our power of conscious creation is limited by the resistance we put on our connection to Self. That resistance is created, or reinforced, each time we choose the path of fear and pain by seeking relief outside ourselves, and by believing that it is our only option. It is in our reconnection to Self (the higher vibrational energy at which creative loving thought manifests) that we unleash our true power, the power that is one and the same with all life.

To say we are less than our higher Self is to not remember our true Self. To say that we cannot manifest or create what it is our heart desires is to believe that we are less than what we are capable of. To not understand the meaning and purpose of life in physical form is to not remember who we truly are. It is not knowing or remembering who we truly are that causes our fears, and through those fears, our experiences of unease and anxiety that we play out in our daily lives. Ultimately, those experiences lead us back to our all-knowing, all-loving inner Self.

It is so important that we find this life meaning and life purpose, because it is in the meaning and purpose of our life that we can truly connect with, and live within, the safety and security of our all-loving inner Self. It is within the silence and stillness of Self, that we see life and each other in complete peace and love. It is only here that we can express love openly and honestly – there is no other way to express or receive true love.

It is only within the connection to our inner Self that we live in complete abundance, and manifest the many miracles of our life that we will not only recognize, but experience daily. Miracles are the inherent gifts of this inner loving connection – our reward for remembering who we truly are!

There is a divine purpose to our physical form and life has immeasurable meaning. It is in our physical form that our spiritual evolution is assured – our soul purpose.

Courtesy of My Yoga Online.

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