Why Cleanse?

cleanseRecently, I was asked about why yogis cleanse and how did I do it last year when I was pregnant? Even now, as a nursing mama-isn’t it incredibly depleting to do a cleanse?

Such great questions!

Ayurveda offers a gentle yet effective approach to cleansing. Ultimately, it is an invitation from nature, not just to yogis, but for all of us at every stage of life. By tuning into the season, we let nature lead, renewing our taste buds, aligning our sleep patterns and yielding to a sweeter flow in daily life.

Health is the sum total of the choices we make each and every day. When we understand what is most balancing to our bodies and minds given our unique constitution, the time of year and our phase in life, we can make empowered choices that keep us in health and draw us back into balance if we fall away.

This is what makes seasonal cleansing so important. When you cleanse, you release usual habit patterns and replace them with more healthful and balanced ones. By suspending what you have been doing, you create a heightened reflection of yourself, so you can see if your regular habits are really serving you or not, and make conscious choices to change them going forward.

The strength of this kind of cleanse is to show us that a mild, balanced lifestyle and diet is often the most potent remedy for the very un-mild world that we’re living in.

Ayurvedic medicine is simple— apply the thing that is opposite of the condition as a remedy.

So if life is intense, apply a mild, wholesome diet and lifestyle as the antidote. That’s the big surprise. We discover at the end of a week or two of Ayurvedic cleansing that we feel incredibly different by really not doing anything too intense. The secret to transformation is in what we don’t do, rather than what we do.

The Spring Renewal cleanse focuses on creating better habits in a supportive community with a compassionate and knowledgeable guide.

We all start exactly where we are, and make choices and changes appropriate to our individual experience. Real shifts in diet and lifestyle are sustained when we have a supportive community in place reinforcing these changes. Community is key to individual thriving as well as the vibrancy of our environment! I hope you will join us.

Please feel free to email me with any questions: natalie.piet@gmail.com

Reserve your spot for the Cleanse here.

Courtesy of Karma Yoga, BY NATALIE PIET.

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