Great Shape – Circuit Training With Sam

Yes, Sam is my daughter and she’s amazing!

You’re in search of a svelte hot bod with only 3 months before your special event!  Whether it’s your daughter’s wedding, your son’s bar mitzvah or the party of a good friend, every woman wants to be a stunning starlet. Most celebrities workout year-round but often amp up their workout routines in the weeks before premiers and awards shows. Even if you aren’t expecting an Oscar nod, you can be in top-shape for the special events in your life.

My hope is that you’ll focus on your life/future with an eye toward a whole fitness plan as opposed to compounding your already mounting stress levels with an added pressure of fitting into that size-6 dress. Making fitness and wellness part of your daily routine, part of your very being, you’ll never worry about cramming to be sensational. You already are! Remember, a well-balanced, healthy eating plan is essential to feeling well and looking great!

Circuit training is an extremely efficient and effective way to boost your metabolism, enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat and build lean muscle. Combine it with a healthy eating plan, and you’ll be looking and feeling fabulous in no time!

(Check out: Feed Your Goddess for support with your healthy eating and nutrition plan)

This 30-minute interval training-style workout will require undivided attention and commitment three to five days a week – feel free to STRETCH-IT-OUT to 45 min. or an hour. On alternate days of the week, run, power-walk, bike/spin, swim laps, take a kick boxing, yoga or Pilates class! No excuses and no cell phone breaks. Got it? Now make it happen!

Your workout plan consists of strength training with weights, using your own body weight, cardiovascular drills and flexibility exercises.

What you need: Don’t worry if all of the listed apparatus is not available to you – make do with what you have! People have been exercising and getting fit for years without equipment!

Weighted gear: Two sets of dumbbells, 5 & 8 pounds. Optional equipment for variety: medicine ball, kettle bells, weighted body bar, sand bags.

Cardio Equipment
: Jump Rope, Hula Hoop (weighted hoops are awesome!), Step Bench, Staircase, Bicycle, Mini Trampoline, other cardio machines or a safe place to power-walk or run. Try something new!  This will make your workout fun and challenging every time.

Yoga or Exercise mat: You will need this for push ups, core strengthening exercises and stretching!

The following exercises are performed for 1 minute. Choose any of the weighted and cardio equipment listed above. Mix up your equipment each time you do this workout – your body loves variety and surprises!

1- Cardio – 5 minutes, moderate intensity

Plies with over-head press, 8-lb dumbbells

Push-ups and *dive push-ups on mat

Squat and over-head press

Bent-over reverse row- feet hip-width apart

2- CARDIO – 3 minutes, moderate to high intensity

Stair running 3 minutes – switch lead leg after 90 seconds (use bench, step or stairs)

Upright rows with plies with dumbbells, kettle bells or weighted bar

Jump ‘n’ Squats- feet hip-width apart -1 minute (squat low then jump high)

Tricep Dips – use chair or bench or tricep kickbacks with weights

Bicycle Abs – use bent knees or straight scissor legs for a greater challenge

3.- CARDIO – 3 minutes, moderate intensity

Alternate step back lunge with bicep curls

Jump jacks (plie jacks, criss cross jacks)

Hold plank (high pushup), side plank left and right – hover on toes and forearms ( hold each position for 30 seconds)

Body bar pull-downs with alternate knee lift – start with bar over head (Next time use a weight ball or dumbbells)

Weighted hula hoop or cross-body punch with light weight – maximum 5-lb dumbbells (your mid-section will love this!)

Finish with 5-minute light cardio, stretch and go on with your day!

*For Dive push-ups: Set up for your push-up on your knees then extend your right leg back. Keep it up high behind you. Switch legs after 30 seconds. Dive toward the mat and PUSH!

P.S. Never underestimate the power of your kitchen sink for an amazing workout – no kidding!

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