Squat: Feel The Love in Your Bum & Thighs with April Moves!

That’s my girl!

Today we are squatting at the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, laundry room sink – every sink in your home or office!

Just as push-ups are the quintessential upper body exercise; SQUATS are the lower body equivalent!  A single squat will wake-up and workout your butt muscles, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs (adductors and abductors) calf, ankle and feet, and build core strength. Whew! That’s a lot of muscular involvement for one cool move. That’s why a squat is considered a powerful compound movement; one move = many muscles working together. Oh, I almost forgot to mention; joint flexibility and stability will also be enhanced by performing squats. We can even add balance to the equation by lifting your heels (balancing on your toes)  as you straighten up from the squat. Let’s get squatting!
Today you will stand in front of your kitchen sink and rest your hands lightly on the edge of the counter. Look straight ahead as you reach your hips back and lower your bum down. Try to parallel your hips and knees for a deeper squat. Imagine you are reaching your hips and butt over a public toilet seat – lower and hover! Get my drift?

If you are familiar with squatting do this today: Perform 15 squats every time you approach your kitchen sink today. Yes, I just said that! Imagine the beautiful shape of things to come. Love baby love!

Just learning? Fabulous! Perform 5 squats every time you approach your kitchen sink today. Fold you body over your legs following each squat set for a yummy stretch and release. Take a few breaths here.

Bonus move: No hands! Reach your arms straight out in front of you. ‘Squat low and lift high onto your toes’ – Balance, balance, balance! Be Fit For Your Future!

With love, Allison

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I just did my first round, and thank you, sweet Allison~

  2. Thanks Al, just did my first 15 while washing dishes. As much time as I spend in the kitchen if I keep this up I should be able to put shorts on this summer!P.S. Sam looks awesome!

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