Great Snacking: Nutty Naturopath Kale Chips


• 6-8 bunches of organic kale

• 1 C cashews (Brazil nuts)

• 1/2 C nutritional yeast

• 2 Tblsp lemon juice

• 1 1/2 – 2 tsp crushed garlic

• 1-2 tsp salt

• 1 C olive oil

• 4-6 chopped tomatoes, or

1/2 C organic tomato sauce

• 2 Tblsp turmeric (optional)


1. Rinse 6-8 bunches of organic kale.

2. Strip stems. Tear kale into pieces. Place in two large bowls.

3. In a blender, add cashews and yeast. Blend until ground.

4. Add lemon juice, crushed garlic, salt, olive oil and tomatoes (or tomato sauce). Taste and adjust if needed. Turmeric can be added (caution – it stains clothing).

5. Wash hands well and prepare to get messy!

6. Pour half of the blender ingredients into each of the two bowls of kale pieces. Massage the leaves, coating them with the mixture.

7. Arrange the kale onto 4-5 trays of a dehydrator – run for 3-12 hours at 125 degrees. OR, place on baking sheets in a conventional oven, on lowest setting, with the oven door ajar (for air circulation). Bake for 5 – 15 minutes, being careful to not burn. NOTE: Extra sauce mixture makes a great salad dressing, sauce for roasted sweet potatoes or macaroni sauce. Make a half-recipe with 3-4 bunches of kale, and reserve the rest for other meals.

Cancer Fighting Ingredients: Kale- Indole 3 carbinol, DIM, isothiocyanates, & carotenoids, Tomatoes – lycopene & monoterpenes, Garlic – allyl sulfides, Olive Oil – omega 9 fatty acids, Nutritional yeast – B vitamins, Brazil nuts- selenium source, Turmeric – cancer buster extraordinaire!

Courtesy of Acupuncture Healthcare Associates of Michigan.

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