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easter-eggIn the interest of full disclosure, I did see this somewhere else. However, I am allowing myself to usurp credit based on the modest modifications I have made to the formula. I typically use recipes that I have developed myself from ‘idea seed‘ to table. This was too good to pass over. It includes three themes I value: the use of natural dyes derived from food; an honoring of the aesthetic power of food; an alternate use for dastardly pantyhose (because the idea of imprisoning one’s legs and lower body like a sausage is simply out of the question).

It also offers up an opportunity to talk about eggs. This column usually emphasizes seasonality. Well, chickens are always in season. So, barring vegans and die-hard raw foodies, eggs have a place of the plate of many. So, maybe it’s worth considering the differences between a clean egg and a regular egg (sadly, not as clean). Cage-Free Eggs are eggs from birds that are not raised in cages, but in an open barn. However, they may still be at close quarters with many other hens — just not in cages. Free-Range Eggsare laid from hens that have the opportunity to go outside. They may travel in and out of a barn at free will or spend some portion of their day roaming outdoors.

These chickens have a better life than CAFO chickens but there is no clear indicator about the quality of the feed or whether or not chickens have been injected with antibiotics. Organic eggs, on the other hand are laid from hens that eat an organic feed and don’t receive vaccines or antibiotics.

In order to qualify for USDA organic certification, the grains used for the hens’ diets must be produced on land that has been free from the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years.

Genetically engineered crops are not permitted, and hens must be maintained without hormones, antibiotics, and other intrusive drugs.

Organic eggs usually come from chickens that are at least cage free but it is not a guarantee unless stated on the label.

Check out this awesome recipe for an all organic Easter egg hunt!

Courtesy of Elements Yoga.

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