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HappyIt often seems like once we reach adulthood, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to have fun. Maybe it’s the serious nature of living in the world that takes that away. Maybe it’s our own ideas of what adults should act like or maybe it’s because we become disconnected from that childlike part of ourselves that demands fun, silliness, play and laughter on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, we spend entirely too much time being serious, wearing a serious face, wearing serious clothes, and thinking serious thoughts about our lives and the people in them. To what end? Does it make the world an easier place to be if you’re serious about it all the time? Certainly, there are things in life we should handle with a certain amount of gravity but…What about fun? What about laughing in the rain instead of running through it? What about dancing around like no one is watching instead of staying still, afraid of what others will think? What about laughing out loud at what gives you joy instead of fearing that your laughter may disturb others around you? We hold back from having fun, experiencing our joy, and celebrating our happiness in so many ways that it’s questionable how well we are truly living our lives. Why? Or, rather, why not?

Why not take hold of that which brings you join, of that which fills you with a sense of playfulness, of that which brings a smile not just to your face, but to your heart? Nearly any situation encountered with a lightened spirit can bring you bliss in some small way. The next time the urge strikes you to sing, dance, do yoga, make a new friend, or share a happy moment with an old friend, DO IT! We work so hard to retain our youth when so many of us have lost the connection with the the childlike part of ourselves. Build sand castles and swim in the sea. Turn up the music in the car and dance around. Hop on a bike for no particular reason and ride around the neighborhood, enjoying the wind in your hair. Skip instead of run. When you want to come and play and laugh and do yoga with us, we’re here for you! We have some amazing events coming up over the next couple months and we can’t wait for you to come and have fun with us! See you soon!

Courtesy of Elements Yoga.

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