Where There Is Love, There Is No Question

Enjoy a poem and a sutra on Love by Yogi Bhajan:

Love gives you the power to merge, 

From finite to infinity

Love gives you the power to trust

From nothing to everything

Love gives you the powerful prayer

Between you and your Creator

Love gives you vastness

As vast as there can be

Love gives you the hold, the experience

And the touch with your own infinity

As beautiful, bountiful, and blissful

As there can be.


“Love is the ultimate state of behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules.”

~Sat Kartar 

 “Your life is a gift to you,” Yogi Bhajan reminded us. The question we get to ask ourselves is what we will do with this gift. Everyday, when you open your heart to love, recognize what a gift each breath is, recognize how each moment is an opportunity to love, to serve, and to remember the divinity within you and within all. It’s that simple, and that simply marvelous. You are love, wrapped in a human package, just waiting to be opened.


Ramdesh Kaur

Our “Stories”, the Leap of Faith, and Commitment to Now

I’ve been working on a project with a friend and we have come across situational roadblocks, regarding how something can be accomplished, when it looks like there is no way. Today she was calling me on my “stories.” By that, I mean the stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t do something, or have had something not work many times, or don’t believe the “something” can work out. In experiences where relationships have not worked out, we sometimes add up our supposed “failures” RE why it might have fallen apart, and condemn ourselves, and even fall into believing that we just can’t succeed. Here is the truth: The past is not NOW, unless we keep recreating it by talking about it, even if we learned something positive. And the future hasn’t come, and there is nothing that says that things will stay the same. But if we continuously speak our disappointing past or future doubts, then it might affirm those patterns into being.

Once a top sales associate in a company I worked for, defined commitment like this. She said, “would you let your children freeze or starve to death?” and I said, “of course not!”. She then said, “you actually have no control over whether that could happen or not. But what you know is that you will not LET that happen to your children, without even knowing how you would accomplish that.” This was a real wakeup call for me. When we walk,(or commit) to the state of trust, in loving, the heart is making a choice to live, moment to moment in the vulnerability of openness and a perpetual leap of faith…of not knowing how a relationship will last, but deciding to face each challenge as it comes, and work it out. The beauty of that trust and openness is a most powerful state…..called Love….one day at a time……in each Now.

~Sat Kartar

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