Looking Ahead With Lauren: JUST DANCE!

sweat-it-out-just-dance-4If you follow my personal blog, Lauren’s Thoughts (if you don’t already, you should!), you know that I share my weekly workouts with my readers. In part to connect to others who like exercise and in part to make myself accountable for working out regularly. I’ve talked about a few of my favorite workouts: running, riding my bike when the weather is nice and Zumba. But I think right now my all time favorite workout is Just Dance for the Wii! I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Just Dance for kids? A video game… how can that be a workout?

I own Just Dance 2, 3 and 4. Lately, I’ve been playing Just Dance 4 a lot because it has a wonderful Just Sweat program. You can choose a workout style (think Latin,¬†Aerobics, even Silly 80′s) and then a time (10 minutes, 25 minutes or 45 minutes).

It then takes you through different songs and workouts from the workout style you chose, alternating from intense to cool. This is my favorite workout because it honestly doesn’t feel like you’re working out! Especially if you get a friend or two to play with you… I’ve played for hours not even realizing how much I started to sweat. So if you’re looking for a fun workout where you’ll burn calories and not even realize you’re working out your whole body: try Just Dance! Do you play? Tell me about it!

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