Looking Ahead With Lauren: Changing Eating Habits One Step at a Time

over-eatFor a while now, I’ve been wanting to eat a lot healthier and cut out junk and processed foods. Most of you know how difficult it is! While I am not quite there yet (Girl Scout cookies keep calling my name!) I was thinking about something today. Although I am thin and cannot eat too much at one sitting, I tend to graze all day long. There are times when I am busy and eat a late lunch, say around 2-3 pm. Then I feel obligated to eat dinner with my parents around 5-6 pm. Now, am I really hungry again in a few hours to eat another heavy meal? Most of the time, no. I am still somewhat full, but because I feel like I could eat, I do and then proceed to feel bloated and uncomfortably full all night long. I also proceed to sit and moan about how dumb I was to keep eating and eating when I knew I would feel sick a few hours later. For example, last Saturday was a lazy day for me. I ate a late lunch around 2 pm because I had slept in. I ate some snacks around 3-4 pm. Then my parents had dinner and a special dessert ready at 4:45 pm. I knew I was not hungry but decided I might as well eat anyway. I couldn’t even finish the delish dessert! My tummy was too full and bloated and I felt icky the whole night. Bummer.

So I decided my first step to eating healthier and solving some tummy issues was to only eat when I really am hungry. If I eat a late lunch, I will allow myself to wait until I feel hungry again to eat dinner. I will stop eating when I am not hungry, but just bored and want something to munch on because I know that usually leads to a stomach ache. I will drink more water instead because I know at times when I feel like I should eat, I’m really dehydrated.

I am hoping one day I will be eating lots of veggies, fruit, lean meats and good carbs/fats and less sugar, processed foods and general junk but for now I will just try to take it one day at a time. Starting with no overeating so I can digest food better.

Do you ever overeat? When you’re bored? Or just feel like you need to eat with the rest of your family? Tell me about it!

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  1. Good luck, dear Lauren; sometimes we have to make choices; sometimes it’s good to chomp down on a Girl Scout Cookie, too; I think it’s all about balance!

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