“Nothing You Really Like Is Ever Out Of Style.”

How true is the quote in the picture below?

It seems, with any decision, the more options you have, the tougher it is to choose. I just got off the phone with a family member that is debating on where to go for med school. She is going nuts with having to make the right decision. “Yesterday someone said to me, ‘Well, at least you have options—that’s good.’ F options! They stress me out even more!” Haven’t we all felt like this before? Of course we have, isn’t that where the term, ignorance is bliss stems from? At least that’s how I’ve always interpreted it.

When you don’t know what’s out there, when you don’t have options, it all seems easier. True, life isn’t as interesting that way…but when you are told you are to do something, even if you don’t like it, you just deal with it. When you are told the world is your oyster and you can be/have/do whatever you put your mind to, an environment of anxiety can take over. (Even though, the thought is to encourage a person.)

With so much information quickly available to us, it’s easy to get stressed out about making “the right” decision. You see this happen in fashion too. Last night was the Trend Report at our Fashion Group International meeting. Have you ever bought something solely because you knew it was a trend? (and might have been unsure if you really liked it/looked good in it) You were inundated with images of that pant style, or that color of the season, through magazines and online. The next thing you know, you’ve bought that “must have” and it’s sitting in a bag on your bedroom floor. The world is your oyster phrase and fashion websites have something in common—both are meant to inspire, not intimidate—but can leave a person feeling overwhelmed.

Just like this happy old lady in the picture, be faithful to your own tastes. If you are on the fence about a piece of clothing, leave it. If you are still thinking about it later (the next day?), go for it. Years ago, I read that Gwyneth Paltrow determines what she’s going to wear at the beginning of each season and doesn’t stray from the look. (the combo of ankle boots, slim cut pants and cardigans, for example) I remember her saying that it cut down the options and made dressing easier, especially since she then had small children (and didn’t have as much time to ponder outfits). Be faithful to what you really want and the rest will seem like clutter.


Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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