Unlock Your Heart To Flow In Love

Allow Your Heart to Flow in Love

” The highest love doesn’t keep score; it merely is the sound of the universe, it plays within us the music of the spheres unstruck (anahata), without cause, without asking anything in return, it lights our soul”

The heart is essential for the function of our physical body as well as emotional. A block in the heart via arterial wall buildup will eventually cause a closing and shutting down of the heart. Likewise, when we have an emotional blockage in the heart, the energy gets blocked and the flow of love and enthusiasm shuts down. Long term suppressed heart energy (4th chakra, Anahata), can lead to lethargy and depression. Take a moment and feel the energy in your body when you are around someone you deeply love or the excitement and energy of a new relationship. The energy flows freely and is abundant. Now what happens when that person says or does something you don’t like? We usually close down to protect our self. The trouble with this reaction is that when we shut the heart energy we get stuck in the energy of anger or pain and our innate ability to flow abundant energy ceases.

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.” ― Rumi

Past negative impressions or samskaras block the abundant flow. One of my teachers so wisely stated, “the greatest power we have over ourselves is our ability to change our minds about ourselves”. We also have the ability to change the way we think and respond. Look differently at your capacity to truly stay open. The only thing closing your heart does is lock you in. It doesn’t protect you, it limits your ability to love and be loved. What would happen if you chose to not close your hearts energy for anyone or any situation? What if you chose to just stay open? Can you imagine the abundant energy that would come from being in that place? It is an internal energy or as Michael A. Singer in The Untethered Soul says we all have “infinite energy” that is inside of us. It is not the kind you get from food but from being open to experience life with love and enthusiasm no matter what is happening. This abundant energy is available to us at all times. This deep limitless energy is called shakti in yoga, chi by ancient Chinese medicine and in the west it is having spirit. When we close our heart and mind and retreat inside, our energy becomes blocked and we loose our vitality.

The Human Heart Beats Around 70 Times per Minute

This is an approximate figure. According to Mayo Clinic, a healthy adult heart should beat anywhere from 60 to 100 times a minute while at rest. Do the math, and it adds up to around 100,000 beats a day and 2.5 billion beats in the average lifetime. That’s a lot of pumping. Each precious beat of our heart allows our love energy – our spirit, to flow in and out of our soul. Therefore, we must take great care to love, honor and respect our vital heart center.

Healthy heart function is critical to physical and emotional health function. What do you have to lose by staying open other than limiting your own energy? Practice being open to the limitless amount of energy that already exists inside of you. Flow or practice ” vinyasa” with all situations, love no matter what by not shutting down for anything. Reclaim a youthful zest for life with abundant energy flow by simply staying open!

Lead every moment in the flow of love, especially the difficult ones.

Always love,


This article courtesy of Keirsten Mooney, owner BV Yoga and Allison Stuart Kaplan

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