Your Best Year EVER

Every New Year resolutions are made — most of which are short lived — new declarations announced, and goals set. This year I decided to go big. I am committed to making 2013 the best year of my life, because… well, why not? I am 39, turning 40 in November, and I can’t come up with one good reason not to. I am committed to my mission to live a life that supports my greatest self.

Making 2013 the best year ever will take dedication and resolve, and does not mean perfect. In fact, some instances may require a moment-to-moment reminder of what I am committed to. I aspire to experience whatever experience I am having and then choose what is necessary to bring me in alignment with my greatest self. Not try to, but do. If I try, then that’s all I will be doing: trying to have the best year of my life. So I will.

To ensure that 2013 is the best year of my life, I contemplated on what fulfills me, brings me joy, and supports my happiness. Therefore, I pledge commitment to the following things that will create this possibility. Here goes!

1. My marriage. Jim and I will celebrate our 12-year anniversary this October. Although last year we had some of our greatest challenges, I am grateful for the experiences. It was an opportunity for me to appreciate that a powerful marriage is a partnership and not one that is based out of need. I don’t need to be married; I choose and want to be. When we both put in what an intimate and loving relationship requires, the rewards are above and beyond the great mysteries of the universe. Our marriage gives me access to immense happiness, love, support, and fun.

2. Relationships. My family, friends, and co-workers are all amazing people and bring me great joy and fulfillment. I love being with others to share my life with: to laugh and cry with, take trips with, do yoga with, work with, go to the movies and out to eat with, create incredible opportunities with, and generate extraordinary accomplishments with. Therefore, I commit to nurture all the meaningful relationships in my life and am open to new people that come into my life.

3. Health. Most of us know that being sick can take us out from living fully. Although illness may happen, I commit to being kind to my body: eating well, doing yoga, mediating, and taking time to recharge when I need.

4. Work. Teaching yoga and running Bala Vinyasa Yoga gives me tremendous fulfillment. It is an outlet for me to be fully expressive, grow, learn about myself and others, and experience different cultures; to have tolerance, patience, compassion, kindness, strength, and boldness; and to love myself for who I am and love others more deeply.

All are such simple commitments yet it can be tempting to let daily circumstances, challenges, tasks and unforeseen situations that present themselves take over. I commit to be aware when I am stuck and not fulfilling my commitments and re-commit to make this year the best year of my life. Furthermore, to ensure that I am living my greatest year, I will request a few people in my life to hold me accountable when I am stuck and not living up to my greatest self.

I request that you join me in sharing the best year of your life too! If you are a YES to making 2013 the best year ever, stay tuned this month for details on our Make 2013 the Best Year Ever campaign.

From this and every moment forward 2013 will be the most magical magnificent year ever! Let the journey begin.

Happy New Best Year Ever!

Kiersten Mooney  Bala Vinyasa Yoga

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  1. Kiersten, thanks so much for sharing! Your articles are always an inspiration to me in so many ways. I hope that this is your best year, too.

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